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  1. It's nj there's fees for everything
  2. I'll pass regardless of safety precautions
  3. I know I'd be heartbroken to lose all my gear
  4. Opinions are fine they're like arseholes everyone has one but insults are unnecessary
  5. Insults noted you do you and I'll do me
  6. I'll take the skunk and return home to my family
  7. I rather catch less fish on the beach than climb on jetties or set sail in a kayak both are too dangerous Body of Texas kayaker believed found days after he went missing, Coast Guard says http://www.foxnews.com/us/body-texas-kayaker-believed-found-days-missing-coast-guard-says
  8. How many of you load with mono first then fill the rest of the spool with braid? How many go all mono or all braid and why?
  9. Discrimination should never be accepted whether race based or monetary based. It's us have nots that pay for their pumped sand too
  10. Where can you park for free to fish the surf from monmouth and ocean county? Sandy hook I know seagirt I know but the rest I'm unsure of.