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  1. I heard most of the runs haven't had any fish yet and the stripers have forgotten about herring.
  2. Another great genuine person lost. RIP.
  3. I'll be there with some pasta salad.
  4. I think the idea is not directed at recs and the black market, it's making the risk/reward less attractive for commercial guys to keep and sell fish caught on an off day and to remove the temptation for charter boats and rec boats to sell recreational catch. If you have a comm licence and are inspected on an off day or a charter or rec boat inspected anytime and possess a 34+ inch fish not clipped you would be intending on selling it illegally. Not sure what the penalty is for commercial or Charters, but loss of license would be a good deterrent.
  5. Off the beaten path in Haiti, had fish on but never saw one. They buried me in the rocks. Sticky sharp coral rock.
  6. Fog Rainbow. Pretty but sucks to look at all day when your trying to sight fish.
  7. Yup first one for us. But too little.
  8. Baby with big toofs
  9. No fishing sign is still up - I project it will be done next summer.
  10. Yeah Eric I found out its a terrapin. Big one.
  11. Can't figure out what kind of turtle this was found it at nyatt pt in barrington.
  12. Whenever there is a astronomical low tide the providence river needs beano. The wight of the water can't hold down the gases.
  13. And he play one hell of a Blues harp!
  14. I met Kevin about 6 times, and each time was a treat. The first time we met I realized we had a friend in common. He was a guy who Kevin consulted with about starting a new type of school and a long time good friend. At the first cast off I went to I saw a sticker on his car with the logo of the school and I was in my second year of mentoring a kid through internship from the same school. The idea was learning through mentoring. The first year, second and third years each one of the kids all got into ivy and top schools of their choice with scholarships. Every season I saw him through the years, he would ask and remember the specific kid I was mentoring and ask how he was doing. The kid was the last thing on my mind at the time, but he remembered me and the kids. After a year of not being in touch, he would pick up right where we left off. Talking about how to make things better for everyone. One of a kind person, and very sad.
  15. Moving water, it's significant everywhere, not just only in RI. Not so much in January though.