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  1. Smoke and yard work have kept me off the water so I tied a green butt variant
  2. Personal best Brook trout might have been a wild fish
  3. My two cents for what it’s worth I wouldn’t fish the floating tip unless you plan on skating a fly. I would just get 10 feet of t-8 and have at it
  4. I really wouldn’t worry about a splash since surf lures probably make a bigger splash. Cast and retrieve would would just as if you were swinging a river. If you aren’t tying too big of a fly you can use a rage head which is like a hybrid scandi skagit
  5. They are not related because I tied the Carey special however I did not type that in. I guess you can see where my mind is at.
  6. Lady Caroline and I will be swinging through a few rivers in New England this summer
  7. Dam Davie Mchphail I wish I could tie like you
  8. Thank you for the kind offer. Looking at the maps seems like a skiff is the way to go. I keep looking for spots north and south of Naples bay
  9. Gray cat in a size 4. I’ll tie these in an 8 for trout Spey.
  10. gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things. I learned that in reeducation camp
  11. I fish a lot of there heads for my two handed rods seem to have plenty of those available can’t say I see too many of the one handed ones.
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