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  1. Been fishing hard the past three weeks with over a dozen skunks. I finally got on the board today to break the skunk! Landed 2, One at 24” and another at 26”. NNJ out back. The wind was pretty relentless today and my face is already feeling it haha. Got them both on bloodworms and now my next goal is to land one on a plug!! Tight lines!!
  2. We chunked the bunker so had one rod with worm and one rod with bunker. Nothing wanted either bait.
  3. Well it’s a good sign that there’s plenty of bait around. I just can’t seem to find anything munching on them.
  4. Fished with a buddy out back in moco last night. It was a warm night with little wind. We fished the entire outgoing to about an hour before low tide. We soaked bloodworms and threw lures the entire time. No bites other than bunker swimming into our dead sticks. Actually managed to snag a bunker without a hook! TWICE! They must be out there pretty thick because I’ve never seen a bunker get snagged by swimming into braided line. I know it’s still very early in the season but I just took skunk number 10 or 11 in a row. Very discouraging.
  5. Update- I contacted the builder to let them know what happened and without even asking they offered to replace the 2 plugs. That’s some standup customer service
  6. Gave it a shot again today in the back and another spot up river. Nothing at either spot. Soaked bloodworms and threw plugs all day. Not a bite.
  7. Update: tried another brand new plug from same builder today and began cracking in the same locations after a dozen or so casts. Sad to say I will not be purchasing these again.
  8. I guess time will tell. I’ll try throwing a different one tomorrow and see how it holds up. Fingers crossed it’s just a bad piece of wood.
  9. Ahh that’s not good news. I have 5 or 6 more of these. Hopefully I can get more than on trip on the others smh
  10. I’m gonna attempt to fill cracks and fish it till it explodes haha. I have a handful of these from the same builder. Hopefully the others hold up a little better than this one.
  11. Good to know. Thanks!
  12. Worth trying to seal cracks? I have a feeling it may fall apart if connected to a decent fish.
  13. Is it normal for wood plugs to crack or split without impact being the cause? I fished this plug ONCE for a couple hours without even hooking a fish. Never casted into a rock or anything of the sorts. Is this a quality issue? Type of wood? Poor sealing? Also is this worth trying to repair with some epoxy? (Not trying to bash any builders here)
  14. Now that’s what I call rippin some lips!! I’m surprised he didn’t launch those fish into the yard behind him with those hook sets
  15. I’ve made 3 trips out back in nnj and 3 skunks so far. Im up really early for work every day so limits my weeknight fishing. I fish when I can though. Last Friday was crazy windy and heavy rain- goose egg! Tried last night in the rain and at least the wind wasn’t too bad. Fished about 5 hours in 3 different spots and NADA! I did manage to snag an adult bunker though so that’s a good sign. Why is it always nice during the week then crummy on weekends? I will give it a shot again tomorrow morning. Determined to break this streak of skunks.