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  1. I have an Offshore Angler Inshore Extreme 7'MH 2 piece 12-20# line rating and 3/4-3oz lure rating. Quality is good and the price isn't bad. Especially if you have points with BPS of Cabelas.
  2. Great, thanks for the info. I'll bring my "tackle shop" with me and throw everything I have at em haha. Planning on heading to the tackle shop for some bait and will hopefully gain some intel as well.
  3. Awesome, thank you both for the advice. I figured most of my luck would probably come from bait but like you said, if I know the fish are there I can switch it up to different tactics.
  4. Good morning. I'll be heading to Nags Head the second week of May. Planning on bringing spin gear, fly and a conventional set up and strictly fishing from shore. My time will most likely be limited to the mornings and day time while on the beach with my family weather permitting. I figured I'd throw lures and flies during the morning while I'm alone and stick to bait while just hanging out. I've fished Avon from shore before using bait only and have had luck with sea mullet. We had our boat in Hatteras for about 5 years so I am familiar with the offshore fishery but have not done much from the beach. I'm thinking swim shads with jig heads would be effective however, any recommendations on artificial lures and flies and what I should target would greatly be appreciated. I know the Point is good but I don't see myself making it down that way. Thanks in advance.
  5. Send it to Penn. Two washers in the last photo look cupped, in opposite directions. Could be your problem right there, they don’t look like they would sit flush at all. Unless that’s how they should be, but I doubt it
  6. Thanks guys really appreciate the info. I’ve contacted Archuleta for other things and the time frame is long. These are simple reels just never had to take care of cork before.
  7. Yea unfortunately I don’t think that will help. They stopped being produced in the late 90s/early 2000s. Then the company went over seas. I guess I could probably cross reference lube/grease maintenance on the Tibor’s as they have a similar cork drag. Just wanted to see if anyone else had some input
  8. Hey everyone, I have a few Fin-Nor No. 2s that I'd like to do some routine maintenance on prior to being put to use for the upcoming season. Two have the cork drag and another seems to have a rubber(not sure on material) drag washer instead. Is there a certain grease or lube I should use on the cork drag and the dogs/springs? I'll take some pictures of the reels over the weekend once I have a chance. Thanks for any input.
  9. I’ve sent them an email as well. If I get any response I’ll be sure to let you know
  10. I have one as well and couldn't find anything online. I've had good experiences for other things with Redington's customer service through email as well as phone calls, they may be able to provide something.
  11. Man, that's wild. I'll have to check that out for sure. It's a shame how some people treat our fisheries.
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