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  1. Thnx guys, I’m going for the SS
  2. I’ve got a Regal vise and am in the market for an extra set of vices jaws. I want to use it for small flies. There seem to be 2 options, but I can’t find the pros and cons of these vices jaws So I need some advice. option 1 midge jaws option 2 stainless steel jaws. Anybody got some preferences?
  3. If you fish from shore you can fish a small popper (2 inches) over the reef. Baby bigeye tuna like this and are a great sport on a 5 weight rod
  4. If you plan on doing some flyfishing then you’re better of on Bonaire. Altough if you like sandy beaches, clubbing and dancing Aruba will be a better place to enjoy your holiday.
  5. Thnx @Mike Oliver. Your post is very insightful and helps a lot in my decision making proces. I have a TFO 1212 for OH beach/surf and am very pleased with it, but sometimes you want something new and maybe better. I own a igniter 790 and I can say it’s the finest rod I own. Extrapolating from this I thought the igniter switch rods are a possible replacement since reviews mentioned there really stiff. Based on your info I’m gonna let the Igniter switch rod pass.
  6. @Mike Oliver I’m interested in the Igniter switch rod for beach OH casting. Haven’t decided on which one, weight wise. Can you give a indication on what grain weight you use for OH casting your Igniter 11’ 9” 7 wt?
  7. Thnx for the tips and tricks, I’m going for the aquasure solution with the 2 blobs.
  8. Hi there, I was wondering if there are DH OH surf/beach casters here. i have a TFO1212, which I haven’t used for while, a long while. Years ago I used this with loose shooting heads and a loop to loop floating running line. Since these lines are all sticky I threw them away and got myself a Cortland Compact intermediate Blitz Fly 500 grains WF12+ Now the problem is the following; I can see by the color difference of the shooting head and the running line when there is enough line out of my tiptop for a good cast. The problem is that I have to see this, which will be a challenge when fishing in the dark. With the interchangeable shooting heads I could feel when the connection was just out of the tiptop. Should I switch to interchangeable shooting heads or is this something I will feel with more practice?
  9. Suave, do you have links for those articles? I’m very interested in that setup.
  10. Hi Marcel, ziet er gezellig uit. Waar ben je gaan vissen?
  11. Good luck, best chances on affordable salmon fishing will be in the north and north east of Iceland. As I mentioned before trout and artic char are abundant in the remote areas.
  12. Yes there is, it costs $40 for 5 items and $2,5 for every next item. you can declare it at customs. From a spinrod fishermaan I heard that it takes about 15 minutes. I choose to go for a certificate for 2 reasons. I didn’t want to walk around with wet gear in iceland. They also treat your wading boots and waders and they get really wet. Second, I didn’t wanted to risk that they were going to desinfect my flies. because if they do that they are ruined. I took only new unfished flies with me so there was no risk of diseases.
  13. Thanks, autocorrect helps me a lot. For salmon fishing in Iceland you don’t have to speycast, overheadcasting will do fine. As a friend of my told me; Behind every Icelandic tree there is a naked woman! So don’t get your hopes up, there are not many trees over there. Also, most rivers run flat whiteout high banks, no harm in speycasting, but most of the times not necessarily. Regarding flies, don’t worry to much about that. If you’r in the right spot everything will catch them. The angling pressure is very low and since most Icelandic people do not practice catch and release, fish are not hesitated to take a fly. I have caught fish with literally every fly I tied on my leader. If you go over there for DIY shop at the Bonus supermarkets, they are the cheapest. Hotels, hostel and cabins are expensive compared to the prices we pay here in Europe. I went hiking and camping and that’s the most cheap DIY there is. You can not camp for free like in Norway, so make sure the landowner approves. Iceland is a great country with very nice people, but the nicest parts are off the main road where all the tourists go.
  14. Hi there, First of all, excuse me for my english since I’m not a native speaker/writer. I have got some DIY experience in Iceland. If you want to go fishing for Salmon DIY than this will be difficult, because all rivers with good salmon fishing is private property. And therefor quite expensive. If you would like to go fishing for trout and artic char there are lots of very affordable options. Most costly will be renting a car. If you want to fish the interesting places you need to drive the F-roads. To drive these F-roads you need to rent a 4x4. You can get the veidikortid, this is a fishing license for lots of lakes and rivers between these lake. This license is very cheap. if you choose the right places more than a 100 fish per day is a possibility. Of course these are not all monsters. Rule of thumb is, the less people/buildings/roads the more fish you will catch. Another important thing is that you have to clean your fishing material on the airport or have a certificate that all your fishing gear is disinfected by a vet. ps I attached a foto of an Icelandic artic char Good luck and tight lines