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  1. I was going to say what Jim J said, st. Croix is good with warranty and you could upgrade if you add some cash. I have a 7ft MH triumph that I use for almost everything and love it.
  2. I like the way lures look with eyes but I don't think I've had more success with eyes vs. no eyes. The fish don't care
  3. Apparently I need to step up my knife game LOL. I have a bait knife, couple fillet knives and one gerber double edge rafting knife.
  4. Both would work for most situations but I agree, if you don't have a specific need for a High Speed reel the regular version is the best all around bet.
  5. Is navonics card something I would add to my garmin in addition to the charts preloaded in the unit
  6. Hmm good thread, I was considering a spinfisher VI but I will check the Spheros out.
  7. Albie in salt, Tiger Muskie in fresh
  8. Home Depot has an insulated version of the standard work style glove that are dipped in rubber and I find they work well. I also hate wearing gloves when I fish but I keep these in my bag for those days where I need something.
  9. I agree, my wife says Im nicer after I come back from fishing so its a win win LOL
  10. Thanks, is the 4 much better than the 3?
  11. I ended up picking up a used 9ft tsunami airwave for cheap. I saw a few rods on here that I would have liked to pick up but I can't reply to the BST here yet because I don't think I have enough posts. Now Im looking for a reel, like Darter said maybe a battle 3, BG or something a bit better since I got the rod cheap.
  12. Popasilov thank you for the explanation and I understand now about not buying off of the BST. Thanks to all for the advice.
  13. Frede,Im new to the board and am not sure how to PM but I am interested in hearing what the rod is and what the lure rating is along with asking price. I work in Toms River so I could easily come check it out one day.
  14. Thanks for all the advice, at that price range it sounds like Tica or Tsunami and a Diawa BG or used gear so I'll shop around and keep an eye on the BST section. Any particular model of tica better than others? I saw a few tsunami recommendations.
  15. For my spinning gear I use a 7ft MH st. Croix and a 3000 saltist back bay mostly and a few other similar combos. I'm in NJ go out of barnegat Inlet. I was thinking a bit more line capacity, maybe a 5000 size reel?