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  1. How does that clam board works?
  2. oHHH okay okay, I will have to learn how to yak because I only know how to drive a car and against my will. Thanks!
  3. Thank you!!!! Yes, indeed, the next step is simply to go there and ask directly what needs to be done so I can start doing it; those are questions that I did not know that I had hahaha, but now I get an idea of where to start. When you talked about ribb rake, were you talking about those instruments used to dig into sad or a place?? I want to go and do it so badly, I think that I would find it very relaxing too, and man, I do have some crazy cooking skills that will go perfectly with own-fished shells
  4. Ohhh wow thank you for those tips, thats really helpful! I recently read that also is important to leave them for a while in water with salt so they can puke all the sand than they might have inside them, do you know anything about this?
  5. Greeting everyone, Ok so here is the question. I’m currently living in Queens and I want to do shellfishing and then eat what I fished. I already visited the page which’s says where is okay to fish and the uncertified zones, and also noticed that some parts require you to have a permit given only to residents of that specific town (oyster bay) and also those zones that people don’t recommend because they say that the water is dirty (short beach, Hempstead. I’m really new about having any contact with nature (city spoiled boy ) but really believe that this might be my starting point on doing something “outside” for me, so could please somebody “guide” or just tell me by their experience: There is any zone with good shells and that they allow non-residents to get a permit? Could you recommend any other zone (even outside NY, like CT or RI) that I can go there and do shellfishing? How do I preserve them on my way home? (I suppose that have them in ice but I don’t really know) and Could you recommend an activity that might be similar? thanks anybody who take the time to read and very much thanks who replys. —Edgar V