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  3. Maybe bologna sandwiches?
  4. Thank you for the input sir I appreciate it
  5. *
  6. Oh boy… I feel like it’s a pretty big river but oh well!!
  7. Not to be a prick job, but doesn’t the tide flow in and out everywhere? What do you mean by that?
  8. Well I’ll be damned
  9. Thanks for the info! Trying to spread the page!
  10. Woah there @Sargentshorts this beauty was safely revived and released…. These jumbos are not meant to be harvested, heard the bigger ones give you bad gas too be honest, that’s why if I keep one I’ll keep it between 29-33 inches I feel that’s the best tasting size fish. Don’t be keeping no over now!!
  11. TY, that’s nothing like back in the day though, many decades ago me and my brother - (god bless his beautiful soul and may he Rest In Peace) - we caught fish almost twice the size of this off the hook with no one around us expect for the fridged, biting cold 40knot ne wind and rain. Had a pretty good resemblance of the surfcasters off montauk years and years ago
  12. Yeehaw! Glad you scored man loving this forum the news is awesome! I get so excited and my blood gets pumping so hard. I was probably on the same blitz as you but I found them first and then everyone showed up it’s crazy the things we will do for the striped bass
  13. Fishing report / news / anything manasquan river!
  14. I have been killing it all afternoon In oc co, destroying my top water, hope everyone scored big today. Bait seems to still be right at everyone’s ankles get out there and fish!! What a rush this fall run has been!
  15. Catch em up Monday night ! I’ll be doing the same ! (Hopefully)