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  1. I have a 1985{?} 750 ss that looks and functions like new except a few years ago the anti-reverse went out on it. Any idea if Penn or a dealer ideally in NJ can still service it?
  2. Thank you! I will look them up.
  3. The Fierce is a great reel for the money. I planned on buying the Battle until my local dealer handed me the Fierce and it felt every bit as smooth while costing a good bit less. I knew the rod I was going to put it on wasn't going to be abused so I went with the fierce and am loving it.
  4. Just getting back into surf fishing now that I am an empty nester. Never been super serious about surf fishing even though I live a mile to Sandy Hook. Most of my fishing ironically has been fly fishing for trout. So l have been watching some * videos and am curious if I am reading the water the right way. Attached is a aerial photo from OnX maps that I have used until today for deer and elk hunting. I am curious what you experienced surf anglers would target in the photo to throw your lures. I see the jetty. I also see a flat spot which I would assume is a deeper hole between the white water of the waves breaking over the sandbar. My thoughts are fishing along the jetty as well as the edge of the hole where you have the deeper water so the bass can ambush the bait. Looking forward to what you guys say.