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  1. I'm thinking about smoking in in my Weber Kettle now I know I'll get a good crust on it and in half the time it would take in the other one .
  2. Good article and nice pictures Thanks !
  3. I've cooked 100's of Prime Rib and I am used to cooking at a high heat and turning it down to finish it off and that sounds how I would do it so Thanks again !
  4. Sink the Bismark has been on AMC this past month.All Submarine movies and Mr.Roberts still makes me cry at the end .
  5. People who move to the South and say "This is how We did up North "........
  6. I Have about a Four lb Boned in RIB Roast I was thinking about smoking it on my Masterbuilt Smoker but I'm a little skeptical about doing it. First I don't want to lose all those drippings and not get that nice crust on the outside of it.What's your experiences on the subject ?
  7. Thanks I will check that out !
  8. How can I get this foul smell out of my Dryer ? It gets really bad when I put Towels in it .
  9. Thanks ! That sounds good I'll check it out !
  10. I saw a ad on Imus in the Morning advertising A Christmas Lazer light that you shine on your House and thousands of lights light up the house and it was priced around 60 bucks but the ones I looked up were like 150 -200 + Does anybody have one and do you know of a website that I can one ? I don't want to go thru the hassle of stringing lights up and getting on a Ladder !
  11. I think a 50-50 mix of Rubbing alcohol and white vinegar is what the Vet told me then rub itin and wipe it out.
  12. The Blue Devils got smacked last night by Wake setting them up for a letdown come Saturday VS Carolina.
  13. How's that move to the ACC working out for you ?
  14. The South is starting to sound better now isn't it? It's going to hit the 70's this week.Enjoy your fresh 5 inches of snow.
  15. And they say Southerners can't drive in snow...........