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  1. Excellent photo!
  2. Mike, Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are doing well. dave
  3. Charlie, So sorry to hear this news. dave
  4. This is a terrible loss. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. dave choi
  5. Still here but haven't been posting much. Caught my first fish of the year this past weekend. Needless to say I'm no longer looking for my 30 lber C&R'd her. I got the shakes afterwords.
  6. Happy Birthday! dc
  7. Paul, Thanks dude. I picked up Mike's. In a few months we'll have to do the Hudson trip again. Check your email.
  8. Michael, If dkovac doesn't take it I will. Thanks.
  9. Rich, Glad to hear this excellent news. dave c
  10. Tim, I've been trying to tie up some slab flies and cannot get the flat profile on the body (or wing). Instead I'm getting a fly that is more roundish in shape. How do you tie them up that way? dc
  11. Thanks all. DaveK plan on coming out to nj? See you out there sometime.
  12. Fly, Thanks for the response, but I wasn't talking about the head. I got that part
  13. Mid to late August. It happened to us twice. I remember saying that I will never go back there again It was a humbling experience to see all of those bass there. And the tail slaps. Left, right and all over the place. My heart was pounding.
  14. Email sent. dc
  15. Hey! Happy B day bud. Fish with you later dc
  16. Been down twice. My first night down I forgot to look at the moon 'schedule' and found out the hard way that it was full moon! I tried a couple of deeper spots and spots with lights with no luck. I was bummed. BTW, love the neptune. I gave it a good work out during the hudson run. I'll see ya down there sometime.
  17. I'm not sure which class you are referring to, but I had an opportunity to have Tim show me the ropes on a beach one night. I've been casting left and right ever since I've said it before, but here goes again. Thanks a bunch Tim. dave choi
  18. Jim, You need to stay away from those places They will drive you mad. dchoi
  19. Wow. I got a message saying that their server crashed.
  20. Dave, Nice to see you here. A whipped loop. Take the end of your fly line and fold it over. Then take whatever thread you like and wrap it around the tag end and fly line. Keep on wrapping until you are satisfied with the length of the wrap. Apply some glue. Take your leader, which will also have a loop, and connect the two using a loop to loop connection. From what I have read, its a matter of personal preference whether or not to use a whipped loop, braided loops or a nail knot to connect fly line and leader. See you out on the beach! dchoi
  21. This question is a little tricky to put into words, but I'll give it a shot. How do you make the collar of deer hair (with tips) appear as if its coming out of the body of the fly and not from the hook? I've been trying to get a smooth look to the fly by making a flowing line from the eye of the hook, along the body of the fly, and then a nice collar. Instead, what I've been getting is a rough edge that forms between the body of the fly and the collar. dchoi
  22. Perfect. Thats exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a bunch. dave
  23. You do not need a license to fish on the hudson south of the Troy Barrier Dam. The exception is all Hudson River tributaries south of the Troy Dam to the Tappan Zee Bridge even if the tributary is subject to tidal flow. dchoi
  24. One downside of using braid for baitfishing is that on the hookset the braid can cut right through a mono leader. Especially if you are fishing from land, casting and retrieving your line frequently. dchoi
  25. Darryl, Congrats! Best wishes. dchoi