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  1. Excellent photo!
  2. Mike, Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are doing well. dave
  3. Charlie, So sorry to hear this news. dave
  4. This is a terrible loss. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. dave choi
  5. Still here but haven't been posting much. Caught my first fish of the year this past weekend. Needless to say I'm no longer looking for my 30 lber C&R'd her. I got the shakes afterwords.
  6. Happy Birthday! dc
  7. Paul, Thanks dude. I picked up Mike's. In a few months we'll have to do the Hudson trip again. Check your email.
  8. Michael, If dkovac doesn't take it I will. Thanks.
  9. Rich, Glad to hear this excellent news. dave c
  10. Thanks all. DaveK plan on coming out to nj? See you out there sometime.
  11. Fly, Thanks for the response, but I wasn't talking about the head. I got that part
  12. Tim, I've been trying to tie up some slab flies and cannot get the flat profile on the body (or wing). Instead I'm getting a fly that is more roundish in shape. How do you tie them up that way? dc
  13. Mid to late August. It happened to us twice. I remember saying that I will never go back there again It was a humbling experience to see all of those bass there. And the tail slaps. Left, right and all over the place. My heart was pounding.
  14. Email sent. dc
  15. Hey! Happy B day bud. Fish with you later dc