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  1. A few days ago, I tried a set of Boca bearings (3-10-4) in my Shimano Exsence DC XG - and it was a terrible experience. The bearings made noise as if it were an old engine, and to a level that was almost ridiculous. I immediately wrote to Boca in the US and told them about the poor quality of the bearings and that they also ran unevenly. I ended up getting my money back. I will NEVER again buy bearings from Boca Bearings in the USA. On the other hand, just today I had a fantastically positive experience with the two Kattobi AIR HD (3-10-4) bearings I bought from Hedgehog Studio some time ago. The bearings cast fantastic and my casts have increased by several yards. The bearings are also completely silent, and I now realize that A. Kato from Hedgehog Studio were right when he told me that there is actually a quality difference between Boca bearings and Kattobi Hedgehog Studio bearings. I am very grateful to have Hedgehog Studio in Japan. In the future, I will buy all my new bearings from Hedgehog Studio. In just a few days, I will additionally order 4 Kattobi AIR HD (3-10-4) - simply because I want to make sure I have bearings for a long time to come. I would like to say thank You to Mr. A. Kato, because he have made me change my mind, so that I am now aware that Japanese quality is the way forward.
  2. Redinfish......I begin to think that I'm with you here about this. However - I have a couple of Kattobi bearings from Hedgehog Studio in Japan in my other shimano reel - and they are absolutely quiet and spins very well. They say it' a matter of precision in the bearings.
  3. Redinfish...........and you dont think the spool bearings in a baitcaster is high speed?
  4. So - Now I have been out fishing with the new Boca ball bearings (spool bearings) and my disappointment will almost never end. The ball bearings are noisy in a way that almost borders on the completely ridiculous. I will immediately take them out and put in the factory ball bearings for now. Later I will try Hedgehog Studio's Kattobi AIR HD. I have these bearings in my Shimano reel, and they are absolutely noise-free and spin very well! Does anyone else have similar experiences with Boca ball bearings?
  5. Hi there, I have installed two 3-10-4 Boca Bearings (Orange Seals) in my Daiwa Steez 21 Limited SV TW 1000 and they are very noisey - I wrote to Hedgehog In Japan, and the say that Boca Bearings are made in bulk in China. Is this really correct - or does Hedgehog just need to say so when asked? Anybody know more detailed about it?
  6. Hi Surf Bomber - Ohh, I did not know about the ABEC 7 was noisey - but why? And why are other hybrids less noisey?
  7. Now I have managed to install the two spool bearings (Boca Bearings, Orange seal ABEC7) All went well, even taking out the spool shaft pin. BUT - I think the new bearings are quite noisy! Is this normal for cheramic bearings to make more noise than the originals?. The Daiwa bearings I could hardly hear when spinning the spool - but these new ones make quite some noise! And yes they are lubricated with one single drop of Boca Bearings own Lightning Lube, High Speed Oil. Also I remowed the sheild in one side, this way it is much easier to lubricate the bearings later on.
  8. Hi there, Anybody know how to take the spool bearing out of the side plate on this reel?. I mean, there is no space to get any tools in there. Does the black "somewhat" in the center of the bearing come out as well or not? Thanks
  9. I'm very sure that Shimano will not agree that it's a good idea to put anything else but Shimano standard bearings in the reel. However - Hedgehog Studio says that the rubber seal is to minimize vibrations when casting. I have just now tried to see and feel if there are any "free space" between the bearing and the seat, and there is nothing - the bearing fits the seat perfectly. The groove the rubberseal is mounted in is so deep that the whole rubber seal wil be pressed into the bearing when the bearing is seated!
  10. Hi, It's not about the shields - it's the rubber gasket that sits around the bearing
  11. Hi there, I have a Shimano Exsence DC XG and I want to install spool bearings (AIR HD 3-10-4) from Hedgehog studio. BUT - when I take the factory bearings out of the reel, they have a rubber O-ring around the outer race - This O-ring is not on the bearings from Hedgehog Studio. The question is - does it matter? Has anyone tried to install other bearings without the O-ring on this reel and? - and does it work OK?
  12. BeachBob: A level wind will ALWAYS cause some measure of undue friction and be a limiting factor for distance. Doesn't matter whether the LW travels or is stationary. Doesn't mean that it won't hit a specific target distance either - there are many factors to consider. If you put the Daiwa Level Wind in the middle position and make a cast the friction is only very very little. I know - it also depends on the width of the spool. But I think Daiwa has made a very fine level wind mechanism on this reel. Jcallaham: I just looked at that reel on Diawa's web site. Nice!! Don't let anyone tell you that the level wind is hurting your distance. Have you played with the cast controls? A longer rod may help. There are a few videos on Youtube, casting 18-gram plugs over 100 meters. But the rods and reels used are not for fishing. Yeah - it's a hell of a reel. Yes I have adjusted the cast controls to maximize my distance. About the short rod - well, I want to reach the 100 with exactly this rod and reel - just to see if it is possible.
  13. Casting technique: Well - I believe I'm using what you call the Overhand Hatteras Cast. Line type and strenght: I'm using the German Climax Carat 12, o,15 mm. Strength is 12,8 kg. Payload: I'm casting a Savage Gear, LT Seeker 24 grams. However - when I will try to reach the 100 meters I'll be using a casting plug in the same weight.
  14. I'm fishing for sea trout from the shore in Denmark, and being able to cast a long cast is sometimes critical - but not always. Right now I'm trying to reach 100 meters with my 9"3 Daiwa Morethan and a Daiwa Steez 21 Limited SV TW 1000. I'm doing quite well but need to ad about 10 meters to where I am now!