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  1. Quick intro because I’m new to the forum: I live in VA. I’m a diehard trout fly fisherman, but my dad and I just got our first boat. I’ve caught a couple dinky striped bass on the Chesapeake and now I’m obsessed. Anyway, I always thought rockfish only show up in the upper rivers in the spring to spawn. Figured they all went straight down River after, including the babies. But I’ve seen a few videos and read about people catching schoolies sized “resident rockfish” in the upper parts of the Potomac and Rappahannock year round. This got me wondering if enough are around here that I can target them specifically. I live near Quantico - very close to the Potomac a little downstream from DC, and I’m close to the upper Rapp. too. But I figure this also applies to the other major spawning rivers too (the James isn’t far either). I can’t find much info on the topic, but I’m wondering if anybody here has any insight, or if you can point me towards some helpful resources. I’m not looking for keeper fish. But given the choice between dinky rockfish and largemouth, I’d rather fish for rock. Even if they are in there, I don’t really know where to start looking. I’m not used to water this big. Thanks to everybody. Reading old threads has already been very helpful.
  2. Well I just joined this forum and this is actually my first post. But since nobody else has answered you, I figured I may be able to help you out. I have at least one, and I’ve given them out to friends who were interested in starting fly fishing. The build quality is about what you’d expect for a 40 dollar rod, but I honestly think they cast really nicely. That said, these rods are not meant for big fish, big flies, or casting long distances. They are DEFINITELY not suitable for most any saltwater fishing. I’ve fished with mine on the small trout streams in the Appalachians, and it’s really well suited for that sort of fishing. I’m sure it would be great for panfish and maybe small bass as well. Like anything else, it just depends on where you plan to fish with it. But it’s a perfectly usable rod. For the price, it may be worth having one, even if you eventually upgrade. It’s really nice having a second rod along when you slam your expensive new rod in the car door (speaking from experience).
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