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  1. Just goes to show you how ignorant the "most educated" can be!
  2. Update on choppersdad. I was diagnosed with advanced stage bladder cancer back in the spring. I did 4 three week rounds of chemo therapystartin soon after diagnosis. They allowed me to rest up after chemo and before surgery to allow my body to normalize from the chemo then on August 17 I underwent surgery to remove my bladder, they also found a bad appendix and had to re-route some other plumbing commesurate wit the bladder removal. Post surgery I was told by my doctors that they could not find any further cancer cells in the tumor margins or lymph nodes, CAT scans, PET scans and etc. were also done post surgery with same negative results. Sooooooo....for now I have been deemed "cancer free" at this time. I wish to thank each and everyone of you at SOL for your prayers, good thoughts and words of encouragement during my time of need. If there is anything that any of you need, feel free to contact me, I will do everything possible for my good friends at SOL.
  3. He should be allowed to cross examine anyone he wants, in any manner he wants after her is hung, his head popps off and everyone that survived the shooting and any relatives of the dead victims are alloed to piss on his corpse!
  4. Seattle is full of Liberal, pinky finger out wwhile drinking coffee nutbags..........Rant over!
  5. If so, neither does any other crime of violence!
  6. You can spin this one any way you like, the News Channels certainly do. The FBI has in fact investigated the hate crime aspect and found NADA, Zimmerman was in fact found not guilty by a jury of his peers no matter how one jurror tries to save face with her peeps after the fact and lastly, an encampment of D.C. would bring this country to a standstill......someone else may be yelling UNCLE!
  7. Obviously, by the sound of crickets.....................this one hits home!
  8. An update on CD: I have completed Chemo and will go for Bladder resection on the 13th of August. According to the Drs., the tumor has shrunk away to almost if not nothing.....which is as good as the news can get at this time. Please allow me to thank each and everyone of you for your kind thoughts, prayers and PM's. they are very much appreciated! Mark
  9. George Zimmerman should not have stood trial the first time! A jury (grand jury ) FOUND NO REASON TO INDICT! Yet.....the race card was mumbled about and a special prosecutor found a way to put Zimmerman on trial......He was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers! Obama and Holder both believe that he should be tried again under Federal racial hate crime law......although the shooting has already been investigated by the FBI and found to not have a shred of evidence that the shooting was racially motivated! Now for the fix: If Obama and Holder and Sharpton and Jackson force Zimmerman to Federal court under the guise of a hate crime.....Every caucasian and every hispanic that can possibly get to D.C. should go there immediately after the announcement of a Federal trial.....and cram D.C. till literally everything there comes to a standstill......everything! These people should stay there until the trial is cancelled! Then and only then will our government realize that the people are speaking! LIBERALS PLEASE NOTE........I am speaking of a purely peaceful protest, no violence, no weapons, just massive numbers of live bodies cramming Washington D.C. till everything there comes to a standstill!
  10. Point made........Left remains silent on the point, wonder why?
  11. And to great effect I might add!! Those such as yourself) that don't believe in the 2nd amendment or the right to use firearms for their own or family's defense will never change their minds. These types of posters would rather watch 24 straight hours of the massacre of school children and berate those firearms that were used (or siad to have been used) than to see a 30 second clip in the news about a brave old gentleman defending himself and others in public! TB it really is a shame is it not... that self defense is still allowed in most places here in the states. Such a pity!
  12. I sincerely thank each and every one of you for your responses.. May God bless each and every one of you! Mark
  13. I have hesitated for quite some while considering whether I should post this non-political post here or anywhere on this site, but I have decided to post it anyway. I have recently been diagnised with Bladder cancer and am now involved in a strenious fight for my life. I wish to apologize to anyone here that I may have offended in the past, I do get rather worked up on some subjects and become a little out of hand at times! Your prayers would be greatly appreciated and for those of you that do not pray, good thoughts will be o.k.!
  14. WOW!.............Just WOW! Jim Jones comes to mind...
  15. From one (you) That knows little about firearms or the NRA. You are spewing unpasteurized horse biscuits. A typical liberal speak everything/know nothing about what you speak of....This kind if $hit has gotten us to the point that we are at!