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  1. Not just the oceans... the world
  2. I would look at Okuma Makaira or Okuma Tesoro. Google them on Okuma website. The Makaira is probably most waterproof reel you can find (apart from VS) and the Tesoro looks good as well. The Makaira is a beast ,fully sealed all stainless gears. Personally I would stay away from magseal in surf and sand conditions. Reports from South Africa surf fishing guys say they not good for those environments.. (anecdotal so take it for what it is)
  3. Yeah I wish he had explained about how he makes them and different consistencies etc. He did say he has his own equipment to make the grease whatever that means.. Just thought is neat someone making his own reel grease.
  4. Agreed. Though I already have them so might as well use the manufacturers recommend grease. Otherwise yes.. there are much better greases out there designed for much tougher loads etc than our reels. Go to website Bob's the oil guy... oil and grease to keep a pig happy for years
  5. This guy makes his own.. check some of his service videos.. pretty cool...
  6. Yes I know and ironically the shimano blurb for Friction Ring Grease does not mention is for the Friction ring they say use shimano permalube on the Friction ring.. and use the Friction ring grease on the drag and fir sealing the body... go figure And yes the Stella 14k and 18k do have a Friction ring.. I think Shimano has done so many greases that even they are confused now...
  7. Great info there EricL. May I ask how come the Tobizo wasn't for you ?
  8. Yes that is most probably the way it will go depending on what Europe says. I think sending it back to Japan at this point may end up too much headache. I may also just mention it to the shop so I have it on record with them for when it comes time I have to service it or if indeed it gets worse or fails..
  9. I checked the gear play pulling handle in and out (to pull gear towards/ away from side plate). Very minimal movement. About same as my 18k which has no roughness at all. Like I mentioned somewhere.. it is very minimal roughness almost like a low rumble. / graininess I can feel through my fingers.. no binding I can detect , spins freely. Under normal circumstances I most probably would not realize it, except I have the 18k to compare it to. Which basically feels like is running in an oil bath.. is so smooth. I have sent an email to shimano Europe , as I go up and down to UK from Ghana, will see what they say. I am almost afraid to DHL it all way back to Japan and then they tell me is fine.. that it is normal.. I will see if shimano Europe plays if not will talk to shop in Japan.. they are very good..
  10. Guys can you tell me the difference between Tobizo 100 and 110. They seem to be very close on paper.. what differentiates them the most ?
  11. Bit more info that may shed light.. the spool shaft on my 14k has more lateral play than the 18k.. the vertical play is about same for both. Maybe the pinion bushing / bearing is not good ??
  12. Funny I thought about lapping compound and how that would work in such a case.. to be honest is not that bad is just irritating.. it gets my OCD going. Especially on something that spends huge amounts on advertising how smooth and how close their tolerances are... X this and X that... I will most probably end up blue printing it myself and lubing it.. if that doesn't cure it, so be it, i will just use it like that.. as I mentioned before it works fine and spins very freely etc .
  13. I have all the shimano recommended grease for the Stella SW except the Shimano permalube for the Friction ring and the shimano Friction Ring grease (ironically nothing to do with the Friction ring which is confusing)for sealing the body. I got the grease from Hedgehog Japan. The grease is also available from Germany (check ebay) and from shimano shop in USA (though they don't have all selection.. duh!) Can see a thread I did on shimano friction ring grease.. is strange..
  14. Nothing to do with roller. Is a brand new un fished stella sw and it feels grainy with no spool on the body
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