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  2. hahahaha me too or looks like i am doing something i cant write in public...
  3. Or get an investor, reduce his coin, produce more turnover. or stay a bespoke niche manufacturer and eventually start another reel company
  4. seems most reel spinners and conventional with opposite hands..
  5. most probably comes from pulling in pelagics with conventionals so use both hands to power rod and reel fast with right. But i grew up light spinning , not surf casting, so held rod and reel in right hand and flipped lures, reeled in with left in one motion, so to speak.. muscle memory has formed.
  6. i guess with surf casting for a right hand guy , the handle on the left keeps it away from the body when doing powerful casts
  7. Which hand do you use to reel in I am right handed.. Wth conventionals i use my right With spinners i use my left not sure why that is, it just feels strange reeling with my right with a spinner
  8. not wary of the reviews on here. just there are hardly any at the moment on the VSX2. i have managed to find only two reviews on the internet which were not done by the shops... i dont pay attention to the shops reviews. everything is the best they have ever seen , year in and year out, even the colour is the best 'this year' i appreciate your hands on observations, that is exactly what i am looking for. like someone mentioned earlier, is surprising there have not been more detailed looks at it and teardowns etc on here... they will come soon no doubt. As i mentioned earlier (somewhere ) i will be getting a Saltiga 20K for the pelagics (i can pick one up in Japan new for USD700) and will get a Van Staal to thrash about on the beach, then hopefully am done for quite awhile...at least my pocket will be
  9. *
  10. Most probably break off retrieving the lure
  11. Van Staal Knock off. USD260 83Lbs Drag Has been developed to pull in Tug boats to dock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR_n-wI7N2M
  12. i agree compleely. i think the VSX2 needs to be field tested by the hardcore fishermen out there (and on here) and see what real world feedback we get. With a new reel can always be a few dodgy ones that pass QS in rush to market, and they can put a wrong bias on initial impressions and vice versa, people ooh and ahh at shiny new reel, which turns out , to not be fit for purpose. i do like these Van Staals but it is difficult to see why they cost so much, very simple mechanism, off shelf seals and not much else apart from beautiful machined body. simple and off shelf parts is very good for its purpose (and mine) but it shouldnt cost that much to build. i would put these at the USD600 mark just because of the machined Alu (look at the VR models as an example)..apart from that rest is a few bucks. and no R&D spent in exotic materials etc like the big boys, which spend millions in R&D and have to recoup those costs. Anyway it is what it is, as long as we keep paying they will keep the prices...but i do feel their bean counters looked at sales and created the VR to be able to get more customers with more or less the same reel in effect... they runing out of people who will pay USD900 for their reels
  13. Good points! Any idea why VS went to skirted spools on the VSX2 with the manual bail less. what is benefits of that. However, It does now mean the spools appear to be the same on the bailed and bail less which is easer for production and for us to swap over etc.
  14. I like this chap, down to earth Aussie.. also low butt spinner, was a tournement casting champion.. Video taught me a few things