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  1. Indeed, with notable exceptions of the surfster, the salt spin darter and the surf darter (there was the bass size 2000 series darter and similar other mfr darters around but didn't seem to be musky sized ones before the salt spin darter and surf darter were introduced specifically for saltwater fishing). It does seem that there is a faily routine "migration" you mention of lures & techniques developed for muskie or eleswhere that eventually makes it to the salt, I think that it's still happening today with a prime example being biugger glide baits that have been around in the muskie world since the 40's (eddie bait) and just in the last 5 or 10 years made it to use in the Northeast salt. Yes, there were mirro-lures etc. in the gulf states but the bigger profile baits have certainly gained recent popularity. Oddly enough, according to Harold Smith who wrote The Collectors Encyclopedia of Creek Chub Lures, the ironically named Husky Musky was intended to be for saltwater as the only color it was initially released in was mullet; didn't really take off in the salt but certinaly did with muskie fisherman. I don't think the transition happens too much that way, as in starting in the salt and migrating into other fisheries.
  2. Thank you! Yessir, tung oil, low gloss. All those tools came from the same piece of maple, it was a blowdown in our woods that I originally drug out for firewood; until I cut a chunk off it for splitting and was lucky enough to see some squirrely end grain. I'm also lucky enough to have a band mill, so that log went right to the "Do Not Burn!" pile...
  3. Don't forget about lip shape/size/orientation and relation of the line tie to said lip (high, low, mid, bent up, bent down etc.). When considering wood plugs, the way you seal the plugs can also fairly dramatically impact their action & buoyancy as well as how you orient the wood grain in relation to the plug - densest wood on bottom or top acts as "natural" weighting and can help make the plug do different things. It is all about the combination of these variables There are some well known west coast pikies that have the sloped head and I believe have a chin weight but are strong surface swimmers; this would be contrary to your logic...
  4. plugs like that work, and you don't even have to paint them!
  5. It's a 6 degree taper reamer for making windsor chairs. The last piece I neded to make to have a matched set of charimaking tools. The drawknife in the last pic is an antique, just tuned up and rehandled, but the spokeshave, travisher and reamer I had to make from scratch, including the blades. I figured if I was going to put the effort into making them, I wanted them to be heirloom tools. Can't wait to use them on the next chair.
  6. This was on my lathe last week - any guesses? (play nice now...)
  7. Yes! https://www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/568906-showtime-finished-plugs/?page=438#comment-17477874 It's amazing what the likes of Creek Chub, Heddon, Moonlight/Paw Paw etc. did as early as the 1920's not to mention the iconic designs of the 50's and 60's that impacted striper plug building so much. It's really fun trying to figure out how they built different designs and what makes them tick, a bonus that the old school baits are just as effective in certain scenarios as anything out there today
  8. There were a lot of different sizes of Oreno style plugs made by quite a few manufacturers, larger versions too like the Musk-Oreno, Tarp-Oreno etc. The hardware on yours says it's not one of the major brands of the day though; through wire and swivel were not used by any of those companies (some used through wire but the hook hangar was a flat strap not a swivel, like CCBCO) so this suggests a garage/basement builder...
  9. The one with props looks like a Barracuda Brand Florida Shiner while the other looks like a Rebel Jumpin' Minnow T20 size - maybe not though, kinda looks a little fatter than the Jumpin' Minnow...
  10. Hi guys! I was thinking of doing a 6 1/2 or 7" needle, a 6" handcarved magcast minnow and a....I dont know... metal lip swimmer jointed or straight (pikie, danny, peanut), spook, darter, popper - any requests?
  11. That's going to be gorgeous, nice find. I took down some old sugar maples stumps last year that were super spalted and turned bowls out of them as well, it's just beautiful stuff. Sometimes I'll "accidentally" leave a maple log in the pile for milling or firewood too long just to get more spalted, it never ceases to make me smile when you cut those logs open and see the treasure inside. Unless of course I let them sit too long and they get a little punky...
  12. That’s certainly all that matters. Please forgive me if it seemed like I was telling you that you needed to change your design, I was not, just mentioning something I found helpful on a similar design.
  13. Nice work Hokahey, they look great. Have you considered trying a 3rd concave cut under the chin? I make one similar and found that when I added the 3rd concave cut under the chin, it improved the swimming on a straight reel and "slashing" action on the twitch without making it rise in the water column. I think the 3rd cut reduces the flat surface area on the sides of the nose enough to take out some water resistance (which could be good or bad I guess depending on how the plug is weighted and what you want it to do) and in my case helped the bait. I should say though that the ones of this style I do are usually beech, maple or resin so if you use a cedar or similar, you might not be able to take much of an undercut in order to keep the strength needed in the nose. Just thought I'd mention it anyway.
  14. I’m in if you’ll have me, thanks for the opportunity!
  15. I'm on the fence here, partly because I've never done anything like this and don't quite understand the ins and outs and the other part is because I've only ever given them to my closest fishing buddies and a few kids I've run into while fishing so the idea of sending some of my plugs to complete strangers is almost like the notion of sending my kid with one - would you guys promise to protect them from mean people, care for them and give them plenty of opportunities to fulfill their destiny of poking a fish in the face?