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  1. Most all of my rods back in the day had a fuji clamp reel seet on them and I would wrap over that with black hockey tape. Electrical tape is more" water proof" but it tends to stretch no matter how tight you wrap it. Hockey tape, almost zero stretch.
  2. Googs

    The Golf

    39 nice, really solid. I'd be thrilled to be under 40 on the front nine there. Do you know why they give you a score card at the course? This way you can write down the cart girls number.
  3. Get some good cheese ( cotija queso) Thank me later Chicken looks to be cooked perfect.
  4. Had a guy cross my line just to see what I was throwing. I would of told him if he just politely asked. Poor guy watched slobs come up all night.
  5. Googs

    The Golf

    My normal group and I will play a scramble on hot summer days and its the best golf we play.
  6. Googs

    The Golf

    I never minded playing LCC and will play there again, it was just a little beat up. The tee boxes looked like a construction site on some holes, which I found disappointing but the greens were fine and the fairways were freshly cut but not in the best of shape. The layout is hilly on the back nine which I enjoy, I prefer the back nine in general. Hole 16 HAHA, that's a blow up hole for me and 12 can really kill me if I have bad tee shot. Hole 16 I hit a 3 hybrid off the deck this time and had a bogey hole, which I'll take there. I've played the driver on that hole and it got ugly for me a few times, haha. One thing that I have to say about LCC is your approach shots can be pretty challenging on a few holes * cough* hole 12 *cough*
  7. Googs

    The Golf

    I played Lakewood country club on Friday for the first time in a long time, boy that place take a turn... I think the grounds crew took the month off
  8. Found a few big heads. Thanks for eating cheap Chinese plastic Be better bass.
  9. Fixed it on my end. Once logged in, I added " stripersonline.com/surftalk" to the short cuts and works every time now. @TimS
  10. What's odd is, it will remember me on the phone but not desktop. Not the end of the world.
  11. When I did commercial refrigeration... the crap I used to see.
  12. The fishing was great and cooked two nice fish dinners. The knicks and the Mets suck, but otherwise it was a real winner.
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