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  1. Yep, I’ve done it twice carrying the tube. Okuma travel rods both times. Btw- those aren’t great rods, had 2, both broke in the first usage, fyi.
  2. Shimano Stradic 5k. That’s the winner, lol.
  3. mmmmm, not sure that reel is what you want for the application. I’d recommend a 6k or 8k series spinning reel. For that, Many people will say, allll depends on how much you want to spend. Budget: Tsunami Airwave, mid-range Star Rods Paraflex, higher end…. Well, sky's the limit. Shimano Tiralejo might be a good choice… GL
  4. I used to use swivels because I didn’t trust the knots… but a few years back I switch to the uni to uni knot….. its amazing. Easy to tie (seconds) and has never failed me, including 40# + fish in CCC current. Trust me. Plus, you never have to worry about busting a guide.
  5. You’ll be in great shape. Reports are good throughout the state right now, big feeds. Obviously, things can change. Full moon Oct. 9th… you know the drill.
  6. Out of MA, ME, NH, RI & CT… I’d say MA. Lots of cool & very different places to fish. From the famous Charles River, the National Seashore, Newburyport… it’s a nice season ride.
  7. Plenty of other fish to harvest out there. The stripers could use a break, not the worst thing in the world at least for a while. Catch and release… all about the thrill!
  8. Bucktail, epoxys, and pencils (loaded cordels too). Limited options facing a true stiff wind thats coming at or horizontal to your cast… but I find these can cut through the wind and stay tight to the line so you can feel as much as possible.
  9. Xtratuff. Everyone I know uses them or Huk. I like my Xtratuffs, not too heavy, not slippery, pretty comfortable. Spend a little more for more comfort.
  10. Looks like a sea slug… cool find!