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  1. Exactly what I was looking for! I will be using this method. Thanks
  2. I'd build of the hook/grommet hole. How could you orient the hook hole exactly 90° for eye holes? Turn the v block on its side?
  3. I normally start with square stock and notice some of you use round stock or cut the ends off right on the lathe. I am familiar with the v block idea but lining up the eye holes which are 90° from the hook or weight holes is something I am interested in.
  4. If you can ship it then there is too much competition from others willing to work for cheaper except for a few niche things. The last jobs that will be affected by this is local labor. Alot of kids feel entitled but some are more motivated then alot of older folks too. This is a stereotype and actually effects business owners hiring since they assume anyone of a young age is lazy and entitled resulting a lower wages or hiring an older person.
  5. There is another swap going on now. Sign up before 12/21/22!
  6. Thinking about doing darters and possibly one carved. That is if anyone here uses darters. I have heavy current and calm water darter styles. Could make anything but metal lips as the amount I've made and testing time give me null confidence and wouldn't want to send something I possibly wouldn't fish myself.
  7. Do all three go to one person or does 1 get sent to 3 different people?
  8. Just noticed 2 winter swap topics were created. Are they separate challenges or the same, also is this a meet and swap or how does this work? Considering to join.
  9. So if it fits a swivel then use it? I've seen some plug builders use hangers but it might be that they can fill the belly and thru hole skipping the process of sealing the holes. Assuming they are sacrificing to have an easier sealed plug?
  10. What do you prefer on your plugs to attach the treble if you can choose and why?
  11. From a while ago. Anybody have any updated information for this topic since the time has past? Would like to see what has been learned/ discovered in the past 18 years. Successes and fails!
  12. I have a super strike 6.5" 2.5oz parrot darter that I'm looking to trade for a metal lip swimmer preferably danny style. ^ example. Do I have to mention a specific plug builder, style, size, weight and color that I'm looking for?
  13. Alright figured it would be worth asking. Thanks!
  14. Is it possible to post lures for bid on here. If you post a starting price and end date or is it strictly buy it now?
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