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  1. Grabbed a pair of these on sale thinking I’d give a larger spook a try and I somewhat assumed there was some sort of defect given the steep discount. However, after getting them and casting a couple of times, I was rather pleased with the action but noticed a substantial wear on the topcoat. Has anyone experienced this? Did it render the plug unusable? I know it’s a foam bodied lure so I want to make sure it doesn’t water log and kill the action because it walks rather nicely.
  2. Ill take these.
  3. When the hook rusts or breaks on a bucktail I keep the lead head and throw it without a hook to search for structure when I fish a rocky area that i'm unfamiliar with. That way I have something of similar sink rate to what i'd throw and can know (somewhat) what lies below without worrying about losing a lure. Definitely feels weird throwing it knowing that I won't catch anything but better than losing a new lure in the first few casts.
  4. I'll take them! Sorry for the confusion.
  5. I'm game. As I am sure you can tell, I'm still new here. I have read the Buying/Selling sticky but I'm still not sure how the process goes! Do I PM you/you PM me or is that against the PM rule? Regardless, I can do venmo or pp (as i see you did earlier).
  6. What are weights on Ocean Born, Non Boxed Poppers, and the Tsunami Metal Lip?
  7. I will make sure to give it a read! I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
  8. Seems to be the answer. Appreciate your insight as well! I've been playing around with a 1.5 oz crippled herring with feather-dressed siwash and some A17 diamond jigs as that is all I currently own tin-wise, but looking into at a couple more for next season. Any suggestions? After struggling to figure out the retrieve, I re-read Skinner's chapter on tins. I feel that I understand the basics, but I'm still struggling to figure out how to present the lure. When I burn it in to keep it off the bottom I fear that I am taking the bait way outside the strike zone, but when I retrieve slow I hesitate because I am afraid to snag. I am sure part of the issue is being new to the "feel" of the lure at the end of my rod; however, I can't help but find myself consistently putting away the tin out of frustration and swapping it for its soft plastic or bucktail counterpart. Maybe I'm just thinking about it too much and just need to force myself to toss it out there more frequently and see what works.
  9. Working toward my *hopeless* New Year’s resolution of saving money next season by starting some winter projects. Tried my hand with some casting eggs last weekend and practiced tying some jigs during the storm last night.
  10. Picked this lure up at the saltwater edge clearance bin a couple of weeks ago. It was labeled ‘Pencil’ on the sticker but had no other markings other than 2.5 oz in sharpie on the unlabeled bag. It is some sort of hard plastic—I presume resin—through wired with swivels. It ended up weighing around 2 oz so I’m thinking maybe was a second quality or something but I’ve had no issues other than being unable to figure out how to retrieve it. I’ve be been fishing it with a pencil popper action for a couple of weeks based on the label, but it’s been somewhat relegated to the back of my bag because it’s difficult to work other than at a rapid speed. However, I had a couple of minutes this morning and I played around with more of a slow “walk the dog” retrieve and a low rod tip as I would a spook. It had a nice darting action but I could also pause for more of a loopy action. I use it on a 9’ rod so it takes a little more effort to fish this way but seems like a much nicer presentation. Can anyone ID the lure itself? Or offer insight on whether I should continue fishing it as a pencil? I know retrieve is somewhat a subjective and feel-based but I want to make sure I’m not wasting my time! I appreciate any insight.
  11. Fished essentially the whole coast from watch hill to Westport this weekend and Gannets pretty much at every turn but well out of casting distance. Also saw a couple GIANT flocks of cormorants feasting in the early hours.
  12. A nice chuckle on a cold morning and an obligatory bridge shot.
  13. Slushy morning on the rocks. Guy doing yoga (?) on the only fishable point at one location. Gannets and bait around, but beyond reach from shore. Seen more litter than fish.
  14. Finished product, doesn’t seem like it’s going to solve my issue with the tail still exposed; however, may save it for the spring and (hopefully) bigger fish.
  15. As RI transplant and this being my first striper season, moving out of Providence was a godsend. I've spent less time commuting and more time wetting lines and scouting new spots. So far I have a pretty good daisy chain of locations I can work as I try to be cognizant not to overcrowd spots and leave if I see another car or two. I have been getting out every morning/night, switching between new spots and my same basic few on the way home. I am somewhat adventurous--sometimes to my detriment as I took a small slide down a rock last week--but I recently got Korkers and the difference has been night and day in terms of accessing spots safely. Still working out the times of day and tides but hoping to put in some work this winter learning to read the water and spotting locations. Hoping to also get to the CT rivers at some point as I've heard stories about the holdovers there.