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  1. Heck yes!
  2. Thank you, sir!
  3. I'm confused (again )
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! LOL! A mistake that I will never repeat, Roccus San
  5. *Lou grabs fork, then books flight to Midcoast Maine*
  6. Am I correct in assuming that you use ocean stripers only for this, sir?
  7. for the rest of your life. Which recipe (please provide recipe)?
  8. NorCal. I've fished stripers in San Francisco Bay, but many years ago. Getting back to fish them (freshwater first), finally. Will start in fresh water.
  9. Hehehe They are for me out here. Although I plan to target them in the ocean soon.
  10. We do. It's a requirement (my parents are Italian and my dad was genovese). I would be murdered if I used anything but pine nuts. Don't even get me started on recipes that don't use basil.
  11. Those are our (norCal) best months.
  12. Glad that they caught them. Eliminate the poaching and we could probably raise the legal limit by 25%.
  13. Following up on RAW's favorite fish to catch, please list your 2 favorite fish to eat from the salt and from fresh water. Me: Salt 1. California halibut 2. Dorado Fresh (hard to narrow it to two) 1. Striper 2. Crappie (catfish would be 3rd, if the dolt who posted this thread had allowed us 3 choices. )
  14. If you were forced to fish stripers with only 1 natural bait and 1 artificial for the rest of your life, what would they be?
  15. Yessir. Your av is fantastic!