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  1. Did a little comparison last night 2019 GTS vs 2020 GTS While the higher proof 20 was absolutely delicious, the 19 definitely gave off a sweeter cherry nose. Taste seemed to last longer on the pallet. Richer thicker oils it seems. And the 20 burnt off a little faster. Notice the color differences in the juice!
  2. Would a Grappler GRPJC60ML work? Could do $160 shipped as it doesn’t get much use
  3. Def one of my top Weller pours we’ve had!
  4. Lol, that’s a win for the SJr! One of my all time favorites
  5. Bourbon gods rained down on me today, msrp. But I’ve spent stupid money here
  6. Buddy sent me a pic of a local drop… line started 3 hrs before the truck even showed up, these tators are getting too smart
  7. Sorry, no original handle. She’s out at sea. Yes can get her out on Monday. I’m in Texas and usually 3-4 days, but if you want priority shipping, just pay the additional
  8. I have a 14k Stella with SOM handle and Yumeya Drag knob. Could do 650 shipped. Right hand pin and paperwork is included as well.
  9. Any interest in selling top half of rod blank? If so what’s the rating?
  10. Love a good BT SP! Congrats!
  11. Bakers7 is good for the price. Just don’t let the cat out of the bag
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