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  1. Model number is ISS905FT/2S, attached are the pics. Hard cover rod tube is included for safe shipping
  2. Sorry, she’s my go to at the moment
  3. Yes it’s a Century Weapon 7’6”. I’ll get the exact model number and pics tonight
  4. Will send tonight after work
  5. Any interest in a 7’6” 1/4-2oz? I can take better pics if so. I’d be in the $380 range
  6. Every now and then I’ll visit a bar for something special… buddy took full advantage of my tab.
  7. How is that Boss Hog?
  8. Lol that’s insane! One of the major chains in Texas had a drop this last Dec. If I recall correctly there was some 24 cases of W FP alone. Sticker price of $69
  9. You got it Mike DM me your addy
  10. Going to keep the Fathers Day going… 1 oz sample of the 1792 12yr to the 1st person whom says “IN”
  11. Seagrass came in second place of 2021 according to Fred Minnick, disappeared from shelf’s basically that same week
  12. Really nice pairing. As for the 1792 12yr, it’s good almost reminds me of a W12. Lacking a little Carmel boldness but very smooth
  13. Happy Fathers Day! Fresh crack
  14. Insane drops here today