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  1. Sold! PM coming Thanks
  2. Cash would be king. Recently learned that our little family would be growing so gonna left a few things go as time will be very limited
  3. Thank you for the offer however we don’t fish many plugs in our neck of the woods
  4. I guess I’d try a spool if the 45 as well for $20 shipped. Please PM me PP address
  5. Wouldn’t even bother, guy strings me on for days then says he doesn’t have the money
  6. I did find this that I hope helps answer your question.
  7. Pm sent. Please close. Thanks TimS!
  8. I can do $160 shipped as is
  9. Sorry, no spare spool
  10. Yes, just shoot me a offer
  11. Yes, I bought the reel new. 1 season of back up use. Nothing heavy, just bass fishing in freshwater lakes here in Texas. I like to use my FD’s as primary. I can’t find a mark in it, but a discerning eye may. It has not been serviced since there was no need to.
  12. Here’s the pictures of the 3000 FE
  13. Got you covered, take your pick Shimano Stella 4000 FI XG. Come with box paperwork pouch. Spooled with 20lb yellow suffix $475 shipped
  14. I’m in Arlington TX, home of the Dallas Cowboys or is it Cowgirls?