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  1. I have a 3000 most current model. Spooled with 20lb Daiwa jbraid. Never been fished. $180 shipped paypal
  2. Would you take $180 for both St Croix 10’ rods? If so please add that to the invoice as well. Thanks
  3. Ok, please PM me your PayPal and I’ll send payment on both Stradics
  4. Can offer $225 for both C5000 Stradics
  5. Also have a 8’ Falcon Coastal rod that I will sell for $100 shipped. Literally used once. Have tags, just not attached
  6. I have a Shimano Trevela 7’ 1pc rod I will do $100 shipped for
  7. Mechanically it’s sound. I’m off to FL on Friday, so hopefully you back your decision by then
  8. Shimano Trevala TVS—70ML also $100 shipped in a PVC tube. Rated 55-135g jig
  9. I have a new Falcon Coastal SWS-8H for $100 shipped throws 3/4 - 2oz
  10. Has a brand new paddle knob, so it’s not sticky like used ones
  11. I have a Sustain 4000FE spooled with 30lb braid that I let go for $145 shipped. It’s the reel only, so spare spool or box
  12. Are you looking for spinning or casting?
  13. Pictures attached. If I can get payment tonight, she’ll ship tomorrow
  14. I have a Sustain 6000 FE that I will sell for $155 shipped including PP fees. Has upgraded foam knob and spooled with 50lb green braid. The auto bail feature doesnt work but other than that it’s functionally and cosmetically good.