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  1. You pretty much nailed this summary Captain Ray. I fished probably 40 days on the bay. Did find lots of good fluke, but seemed to be in the minority here. Plenty of larger schoolies and slots, but worrisome lack of rats. The NE'r we had in September produced some of the best bass fishing I've ever seen from shore in the upper estuaries. Sea bass were thick but not a lot of keepers for us. Tog very good, nice to see how healthy that fishery is. Albies spotty, they showed for 4 days thick around Wickford, only a few of us on em, they were eating peanuts and not picky.....then gone. Narry a single greenie, but plenty of those funny mackerel of various species. One exotic from the PNW in July, hen chinook!
  2. I pulled the boat and put the rods away last week, probably to early. Took the dog for a walk this PM to one of my favorite bay was rocking...birds every where and lots of fish under them. This is as late as I can remember seeing big concentrations of bass up the bay.
  3. Cool, good to know. Then these were definitely chub.....flesh is much whiter than the bullets.....
  4. The Macs I caught earlier in the summer were I believe bullet tuna?, very blunt nose and few markings, these were marked strongly with green bars like the tinker mackerel I caught as a kid in ME, just bigger. They were mowing the lawn on rain bait, just crazy to watch. Their flesh is very white, like a warm water sierra mackerel. Sushi tomorrow night........
  5. Yesterday got a quick tog limit down the bay, found some wild action on big Macs, then ran up the bay for a nice slot fish, still some good action up there. Was foggy, drizzly and I was pretty much alone. Blessed to still have a boat in the water. Water temp is 55, saw lots of bait in mid bay, bait may be moving out soon.
  6. My point was that the stone, whether the inscriptions are Runic or not, was not "rescued". It was stolen from RI waters, and the case was never prosecuted. Wonder why?
  7. Rescued it? Google the Mellons and the rune stone....only money and influence rescued them from their theft of the stone from State waters. I saw the stone and inscriptions several times at moon low tides in the winter during the 1960s, when it was exposed during the day. I remember it being seaweed covered, sure did not appear freshly carved.
  8. Last few days have been really good mid seem to be feeding all day, not very picky, perhaps the last big feed before pushing out.
  9. Looked today like the bait in the upper bays may be moving south, lots of birds and boils mid bay this AM.
  10. Lots of fish there too, fun to watch in the flat calm this am, knocking small bunker clean out of the water.....watched a bit and then went south for tog.
  11. What in part prompted my question, as I was up that way the last 2 days and saw bait schools all the way from Quonset to Apponaug Cove....spotty bass blowups all over the place. I found casting to them tricky as they were up and down fast, but trolling around the schools was money.....nice fat schoolies and slot fish too....
  12. Now that I never imagined.....
  13. So the bay is still loaded with juvenile menhaden of various sizes....curious what triggers their outmigration and can it be timed with any confidence? Is it water temp, day length, food availability, combination of factors?
  14. Lots of bait still up the bay.........