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  1. On the low end a Tsunami Sapphire XT on the high end a Shimano Speedmaster.Both capable rods.Definite a weight difference between the two.
  2. 70bbvette


    I found the magnifying glass
  3. 70bbvette


    Where did the search engine go for the site ..I can’t find it…or am I having a senior moment
  4. As with most species the older they get the less reproductive they get and some stop reproducing all together .I’m no biologist but the only authority I would trust in these times is Jacques Cousteau
  5. It’s all about the $$$ and whose wheels are getting greased.Why not follow NJ and no commercial fishing within 3 miles of the beach.This is just my experience just from last year ..Days of catching Stripers out in Montauk last year then the boats with nets came and then we know how that story end.And one last opinion and this is from the likes of Billy the Greek who has caught many a fish,commercially and recreationally, as he claims most of the larger cows are carrying grey roe that are most likely not producing spawn.So wouldn’t it be wiser to move the slot in the opposite direction…just my 2 cents
  6. First pic is the first time it was spooled.Second pic is the way it came back from Visser when I sent it in .Third picture is when I took it out for a few cast after the repair.Reel was hand spooled with tension on the line while reeling.And I know the line is a little over spooled.
  7. It’s a Visser.I must say that they did try to rectify the problem with some different parts but it didn’t fix the problem.It must be a core design problem.I must say it is not horrendous but for the $$$ it should be right.I wonder if the problem is a one off or are other people having the same problem.Next is to reel it under water to see if it truly a sealed reel.
  8. Would you do $650 picked up local..I’m in Eastern Nassau
  9. So what exactly are they going to propose..not being able to transfer commercial quotas or a moratorium for all?
  10. I know there’s ways to cheat but it just takes the air out of your sails to say.The manufacture I must say is working with me on the issue.But on a high end reel you expect better.I guess off it goes back to the manufacture on Monday.
  11. This reel does not use the nylon spacers
  12. I don’t want to s**t on them quite yet.They are working with me on the issue.
  13. It’s just sucks on a brand new reel that cost $$$.We’re not talking about a $100 reel here.
  14. 70bbvette

    Line Lay

    What cause a reel to lay line in an hour glass pattern?
  15. Wars are a great tool for this
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