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  1. 7’6” is definitely the rod size you want for surf fluking but without handling those rods in person you need to be certain they can handle very light weights even down to 1/4oz. Any 3000 sized reel with 10/15lb braid will do, it’s only fluke on an open beach
  2. Water has been fairly stained with some rough slip gut here and there. Genuinely has been a poor spring off of the moons for me even with the blues. On the moons it feels like I’m fishing a whole different area.
  3. I own the VR50 as well and its my go to albie reel due to it being the fastest retrieve VS. Seems like many are sold on the smaller sizes of the X2 its just a toss up if folks want to have a way larger and heavier 200/250. The X2 250 seems almost ridiculous to fish now
  4. I've been preaching the same thing to many. The new retrieve speed of the 100 makes it so special especially when fishing lighter braided line. I don't see the need for owning a 150 anymore which is a shame since the 200 and 250 got larger and heavier it would make the 150 such a more sought after size its just too damn slow for any sort of moving water
  5. Do we feel like the X2 has been around and fish hard long enough where it’s worth purchasing over scouring the internet for an older model? I’ve personally stuck to my guns on my older staals but picked up the X2 100 this season and with the increased line retrieve it’s turned into my favorite reel. Curious to see everyone’s thoughts if you were given the opportunity to purchase both reels for the same price and condition which would you grab first
  6. What is the mechanical condition?
  7. Are you located in Long Island?
  8. Did this happen right on the beach at night like you left your plug bag on the sand behind you or something? what in the world is happening here. I hope karma hits that low life like a freight train
  9. Yeah I was looking at the DIY route myself. I’m fairly familiar with the electrical work required for it but I’ve chosen to steer away
  10. My boga is in perfect mechanical condition, I’ve owned it for 2 seasons and got it serviced over the winter at a local shop. I fish very often and wouldn’t exactly call the cosmetics of it excellent condition. I’d be willing to throw some cash on top to even out the trade. Will send over some photos after work
  11. Feel like another overlooked item is warranty/customer service. Have heard that many companies consider saltwater/beach use to be an automatic void of warranty. Not a good thing to have to deal with when surfcasters like pushing themselves and their gear to the limits
  12. Just looking for the 60lb version. Thanks!
  13. Well let’s hear the opinions on what y’all have been using or have heard is a reliable, cost effective, fishing friendly option. Obviously I would think step through options are preferred for when wearing waders. Feel like these things have blown up out of nowhere in less than 5 years ago and with a loss of access and beach closures growing these have become a fisherman’s best friend
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