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  1. I do second this set up for certain times of the season. I utilize the z belt single tube with a tactical anglers pouch for soft plastics and bucktails. The belt does get crowded with technically more items on it but by no means overcrowded. It's extremely light and I can walk a beach/jetty for miles without any strain. Most folks on the beach probably wonder how I'm on the beach with such a small array of plugs compared to them but I always revert back to the same lures and if I want the extra space I have my Z bag which is lightweight in itself too.
  2. I believe so, now obviously it would stick out a bit but I don't see why it wouldn't work. I would reach out the divider maker that Z belt uses for the dividers he sells on his website. He's a local long island guy that I've purchased from before and he has some really neat things on his site that he makes for the Z bag.
  3. On a November long skunk, usually make it a tradition to go out thanksgiving weekend with some family and always at least manage a handful of schoolies. Might have to start cleaning out the truck instead.
  4. Currently own a Z bag and their new single tube. I must say, its my favorite surf bag to date due to its extreme versatility. I too am a bit disappointed in the 4 bucktail slots but the rear pouch area does add for some extra space for some soft plastics and bucktails. My biggest piece of advice for owing this bag is to reach out to some custom divider builders and get some dividers to fit your needs. I've got 2 slot dividers all the way up to 4/5 along with jig/bucktail holders depending on what kind of fishing I'm looking to do. Can also easily get the 3rd tube and stuff it with soft plastic and bucktails. Now for the belt, it gets a bit jammed with the bag plus side pouch and tools from personal experience. Once I realized how to get the most of the bag I use the large slot area for the bag and the smaller side for pliers, grips and dive knife. The interesting this with this bag is the addition of a 2" utility belt on the one side. Now I currently have my pork rind holder clipped on there but have also measured out that a small gear up pouch could slide in there as well. But I've scaled down to only the 1 bag plus my tools.
  5. Was all weeds with an underwhelming wind and lack of white water in most spots for me this past weekend. Gonna give it a shot once this wind changes during the full moon this week. That nor'easter week in October was honestly the best fishing I've seen this fall so far, it moved a large biomass of adult bunker into the inlets and surf and the large fish followed. Has been nothing short of deflating ever since then in my opinion. From what I've noticed out on the beach, this warmer weather will most likely have the bass migrate down the coast way past the last bar on the beach unless we have a strong sand eel hatch like 2/3 years ago or another storm to mix things up a bit. I know there's still some good fish up north so I'll have my fingers crossed.
  6. I had and sold the bucktail pouch, it was the same length as my 2 tube bag and as a skinnier guy it took up way too much space on my belt. I know some folks cut out one side of the bucktail slots to add soft plastics and smaller plugs which in theory would make for a great early spring set-up. I recently checked some of them out in person and the small one is adequate for a handful of bucktails but I'm not too sure about the belt loop on it. The medium pouch is more geared towards soft plastics such as slug-go, joe baggs and paddletails that are longer in length.
  7. tsunami airwave elite 12ft XXH, this thing could throw an entire bunker plus lead its incredible and exceptionally light for a 12" rod just like the entire airwave elite lineup. only downside is that it was a bit difficult to get my hands on one but worth it entirely after some cheaper chunking rods that most definitely did live up to their oz rating.
  8. For any aqualung or wenoka dive knife owners, what screws do ya'll use for the 2 empty screw holes? Mine didn't come with any and I'm not exactly trying to go down the metal screw route to save myself from any cutting on my waders/wetsuit
  9. A lot of good information, I have reached out to some of the custom bag creators after some research so it looks like this is a bit more common than I thought. Dark Star surfcasting makes a really nice one for $25 so I'll probably go down that route or configure some DIY attachment.
  10. I've recently stumbled across some photos on the forum, specifically in the large surf belt thread (one of my favorites by the way), and social media of a dive knife belt attachment that aids in having the dive knife handle lowered by a few inches for easier access and less obstruction on ones surf belt. I believe the commercial term for this is called a dangler and I'm aware ebbpoint and flatlander have made some here and there but don't necessarily continue to do so frequently. I'm not really a big fan of the open ended clips that's usually on the back of these knives but mostly just looking to lower the handle by a few inches on my belt. For reference I also carry a Wenoka squeeze and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for one of these or has some insight on them.
  11. Bought a 9ft travel surf rod from St.Croix a while back. Amazing rod and super easy to bring onto a flight as a carry on.
  12. Have been looking to add another Van Staal to my arsenal for a few months now. Held a few X2's in the shop yesterday just as they were getting delivered. Was thrown off by the 150 x2 being a whole 2oz heavier than the vsx150 as it was somewhat noticeable. Glad I went with the tried and true VSX. I've bought brand new reels in their first few months once before and I've regretted it since so I'm not gonna repeat that again.