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    New to the salt!
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    Trying to surf fish then getting washed away with my gear getting totaled
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    College for now

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  1. Wow thank you so much for your tips and knowledge! Best answer I’ve ever gotten on these forums so thank you!
  2. I’ll be sure to check it out thanks!
  3. I’m going on a much needed vacation down to St. Petersburg Florida in a week and was wondering if anyone had some ideas on what the fishing is like and if they had any tips for me? Me and my pops aren’t from the area so we’d love to know if anyone has any ideas on where to go. Also if anyone has a guide they’d recommend please also let me know. Looking forward to it and hope everyone is doing well. -Ben
  4. $550 pickup in ma or + pp fees and shipping
  5. People I know say “This is a really cool reel that you should buy” people being me
  6. Bump $600 +pp fees
  7. Appreciate the offer but only looking to sell, need the cash. Feel free to make a cash offer
  8. Thank you for that just gave me ptsd from physics
  9. Up for grabs is a van Staal 100x. Purchased on here but a little small for my needs and miss the ease of a bail. Reel is 10/10 mechanically and 9.5 cosmetically, (has some scuffs around the reel foot from stowing hooks). Reel comes with 50 pound braid (I forget the exact manufacturer) and an extra handle knob and drag knob. Also comes with box and bag. Looking for $650+pp fees. Thanks sol and feel free to ask questions or give me a fun fact about something neat.
  10. Just bit the bullet and bought a new one will be selling old reel that sol
  11. Understandable feel free to make an offer
  12. Is your friend still interested in purchasing the reel?
  13. I appreciate the offer but I’m gonna hold off for now
  14. American made? I’d prefer a silver vsx or newer but I could be interested if it’s US