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    U.S.Army Infantry 15+ years. Out after Desert Storm. 40% disability. Started 2 successful business. Moved out of Chicago land as it’s a Big Gigantic Dump. Moved to way southern Illinois 6 years ago. Love the people, fishing, hunting, Shawnee NF and bourbon.

    Lived in Maine, née Hampshire, Kentucky, Hawaii, Washington State, Alaska, upper New York.
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    Loving Retirement

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  1. Tell me Dave/Tim. How can I leave here and be completely wiped off this site? Do you ban me? Is there a procedure to do so at my account?
  2. Boy. Your telling me I’m not happy in 20 minutes? Where did you come up with that?
  3. At the time when I bought it at Cabela’s in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, I asked the sales rep there who makes the anniversary fly rods? He said that all of the 50th anniversary fly rods are St. Croix Imperial blanks. Since I have many fly rods I’ve only use this anniversary special Rod 3 or 4 times that I can remember. Its in near perfect condition except for a really small mark at the real seat. Includes a very nice rod tube that’ll be shipped UPS. $230 TYD PayPal Lower 48
  4. Fine. I wasn’t bad mouthing or promoting any other blog. Wasn’t saying at all that this place has to be run the same. Wasn’t saying that just because I’m at an archery blog for so long that I know it all. “”I guess you don’t read the intentions of what was said and come on hardcore.”” I’ve read your other comments here and seems to be your position in being very stern. A bit unfriendly. Since your the ONLY monitor here, I guess you take a Superior position. I’m not saying that because you take on a huge responsibility and have to be meow meow-footing around with some other tough and really rude guys here that you have to be soft, but look at case-by-case. I’m leaving this alone as we’ve both made our points clear.
  5. You answered my question as it works the same. Right, in the other blog I could add Biden Sucks and it would move me to the top. thanks for answering
  6. I read the guide lines already. If it states how the movement works, then I missed that. what’s wrong giving an example how another site works that I’ve been on my question but not sure here?
  7. I have a question about selling here. * Question: When you sell here and as others sell too, do you keep getting bumped down further and further down a totem pole with your ad as others open new selling post? With the archery blog, so much equipment is added daily, you go back and you put the word “bump” as a self reply. Bump means to bump you up. Once you do a bump, you’re immediately placed on the top of the list with your ad and then it goes further down the totem pole as other sellers post, so on and on. “””Is that how it works here?””” Or, if it doesn’t does the ad keep sliding down the totem pole as others ads are stacked on top of mine or someone else’s that just opened up an ad?
  8. Selling my Orvis Mach V Titanium 8wt-10wt Made in England Fly Reel. I'm the original owner. I bought it for Largemouth, Northerns and Muskie. I've used it less than 10 times. Not a scratch on it! MINT! Comes with tech sheets. This is an English made. There are China versions which are about 25% less at the time that the Mach's where made. These are very rare especially a mint English ones. I've been fly fishing for about 45 years off and on and only at the time bought very high quality rods and reels $250 PayPal lower 48.
  9. Ok. I get it already. Everyone done venting yet? I think I’m done already here. 3 sarcastic comments already in a few post. Stick it! go ahead. Report me to Tim to ban me. Smart asses!!!
  10. I’ve honey by the barrel.
  11. Another tough guy already. What kinda place is this
  12. In my neck of the woods we have no rivers that you even want to get close to let alone fish in them, full of Gar, Cat and Cottonmouths. You slide in on the steep clay bank and you might be found at Mississippi in a few days. So, I’ve read up on EuroNymphing only mentions moving water. I have a Scott 4wt 8’ I use for crappie and bluegill. I use most beaded nymph. It’s interesting how it describes the extra feel at the bottom and the strike. So that is something I’d like to get. BUT. BUT is that type of rod not suitable for ponds and lakes? Looking at a Moonshine Rod 3wt 10’6”.
  13. Thank you Papasilov. I’ll read that
  14. Don’t be a tough guy. . It wasn’t a question that would interest the mighty throng of fisherman here. He help answer a question for me and I needed some clarification based on what he said
  15. You fish at night in the Everglades in a kayak!!!!!!