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  1. I've never seen a two spot tail like that! great fishing!
  2. I use a nail knot for the clip. it's my go to knot and it's complex to tie at night but works for me. I'm surprised how little the nail knot is used in this thread.
  3. I use opposing nail knots in somewhat varying diameters and have not had a failure.
  4. it's just the whole vernacular, regardless of your intent. I intend to stay here, fighting for my beliefs just like every white guy curmudgeon simpleton that seems to pervade here.
  5. there is a segment of the population that has been systematically repressed and suppressed. They will always need help. Thanks for the "water seeks it's own level" comment. I am only here because Vinny asked me to post more at SOL and here. This despite of rampant racist remarks and much mendacity of hope in any remark that I shared from here. But he was a debater and I miss him for it.
  6. because it wouldn't happen politically and you are intellectually dishonest for saying so.
  7. more money is spent for select services than for public services. Certain public goods, like higher education, have morphed into private investments. I think that our biggest loss has been our sense of the common good itself: out understanding that we are all in it together, that we are bound together by an implicit social contract . This does not involve bending over.
  8. don't you have to solder these?
  9. What the hell are you doing? And do I have to talk with crayons?? "Privatization" has meant more profits for the private sector, better services for those wealthy enough to pay more for them, and poorer services and higher taxes for almost everyone else.
  10. this is turning into a great debate but it seems to derail the OP's question
  11. Yes, the Reagan Thatcher era is still with us in the announcing anything as "public" is to denigrate it. Anything...public schools, public transportation, public parks, public libraries, etc etc, has become and was suspect. As if the private sector could always do better_ competition /profit motive would generate savings and efficiencies and "citizens" would be better provided for as "customers" and "clients". ********. The well off have receded and seceded into their own private schools, private health clubs and gated communities without regard to the common good.
  12. Why are you adverse to using split rings?
  13. Are you saying to adjust the drag to light on casting and tighten the drag on retrieve?