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  1. I think that's where the gulf stream leads to. That's why exotics end up there. My oceanography professor told me he speared lion fish there in the summer time.
  2. Isnt it illegal to even get close to there to fish. When I say millstone I'm talking about close to the boat launch across the bay from it.
  3. Not without trespassing on the nuclear power plant
  4. I would say so. I heard reports of people catching jack crevalle there also. Have you heard of this?
  5. Has anyone caught any exotics at millstone? If so what?
  6. Has anyone caught any exotics at millstone? If so what?
  7. The water was in the mid 60s
  8. I went out fishing 2 nights in a row with a buddy looking for bass and was surprised that we couldn't catch bass because we were catching blue fish every cast. I have been living in Florida for college so I haven't been up to date with ct's fishery but I didn't know bluefish stay so late.
  9. Anything really but I would love to catch a tarpon
  10. I just moved down to St Augustine Florida to go to school and I'm a striper surf fisherman. I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of plugs to use down here to get on some decent fish. Maybe some tips too such as time of day to Surfcast or what to throw. I mainly throw plugs though I'm not the biggest fan of bait fishing. But any tips will be appreciated. Setup: Lamiglas carbon surf 11ft not the canal and a Van Staal vs200 Thanks