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  1. Thats a cool set up. I never did post a pic of my set up so here it is. I kinda did the same thing on my first outing. I looked at the weather for that day and went for it. I have learned a lot since then, and picked up some tips from the suggestions on this post.
  2. Thanks for all of the advice, I really appreciate it! I have no plans on going out into the ocean, that's not for me at this time. I was planning on sticking to bodies of water such as the Raritan, back bays and rivers.
  3. I made sure to place my battery as far to the stern as I could. I even added more weight back there to even out the weight balance and I am still well below the weight capacity.
  4. Thank you for the advice! I always wear my pfd and bring all of my safety equipment. As for my kayak I have a Bonafide SS107.
  5. Hello, New user and first post here. Just looking for some advise and helpful tips from some veterans. I am a new inshore kayak angler that just recently converted over from fresh water. I have fished the main and back bay of the Raritan a handful of times and hooked up on some blues. However, every time I go out I get crushed by waves, chop etc. I do plan my trips to the best of my ability, but coming from freshwater lakes and reservoirs I have never had to deal with tide, swell and waves. Anyone have any helpful advise or literature in regard to ideal kayak fishing conditions such as tide, waves, swell and wind? I seem to be having trouble taking the raw data and piecing together wether or not it is a good day to go out. Note, I do have a bow mount trolling motor on my kayak. Thanks in advance!