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  1. I sure came to the right place with my question, these replies are extremely helpful. Gives me good direction and I appreciate the help. Thank you all, and I hope that all and families are safe and secure after Ian.
  2. Have a new Daiwa Tatula 200HL, would appreciate rod recommendations for 1 to 3oz surface poppers and lures from jetties and beach. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for that feedback LeBob. Great pic too. Were you satisfied with the distance you were getting out into the surf? I've only surfcasted with a spinning reel and want to try my hand at a baitcaster and I hope I can reach as far. I really like the baitcasters for freshwater.
  4. Wondering how the #300 compares in use to the #400? Does the #400 reach further than the #300, and does the Lexa cast further than the Tatula? Which handles better--for blues, stripers--from the beach in your opinion? Thanks for any thoughts.