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  1. Hey SOL, I recently acquired and 4 rod Rac A Rod kit as I want to be able to carry multiple rods with me for different fishing with being able to lock the ones I'm not using into the roof rack. I have a 2015 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab. What bars are you guys using and what hardware kits/mounting brackets etc are you using to mount the Rac A Rod. I remember Hal's website had the mounting kits needed when I was looking before I found one, but now that I purchased one it seems like the website with the information no longer exists. Any information and photos would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. The diameter of the butt of the 1165 is just too large, seems like I'd be taking out more material than is reasonable to keep the grip intact.
  3. I will definitely take a look at the Ebay listing and into that company. Still learning about these rods and the different nomenclature people used. I really appreciate the help.
  4. Still have the original Mitchell 306 my grandfather had on it
  5. Hey all, Posted in the General Buy/Sell/Trade forum but was told I may have better luck here. I'm looking for old NeoCork (Lenolium) grips. I have an old Lamiglas 1165 (136-3M) I'm rebuilding and have found grips for around the reel seat but have not found the larger ID butt grip. If someone has one or a few of just the butt grips, I'd be happy to purchase them from you. Some pictures for reference. Thanks in advance.
  6. Appreciate the information on other things they were called! Will definitely repost in the Rod Building forum.
  7. Hey all, I'm looking to finish up a rod I've been building and am looking for the old school prefab neocork grips. I specifically need what would be the bottom grip for an old Lamiglas Honey 1165 (136-3M). It's probably a shot in the dark but I'd really like to complete this rod. Pictures are for reference. Thanks in advance.
  8. That might be worth taking a look into. I did the same swap on my VR150 and that power knob is perfect. I'll have to see which components are interchangeable. And see what I can use to tighten it up because I'm the same way.
  9. The OEM Delrin knob, as pictured below, Was replaced with a Van Staal VR50/75 power knob on both my VR75 and my buddies VR50. Both power knobs have play. So all Van Staal parts correct for the reels.
  10. Hey all, Installed two power knobs on a VR75 and a buddies VR50 this off-season. Both power knobs had some play (wobble) that seemed like the bolt diameter doesn't match up to the bore diameter of the knob. Has anyone else had this? I installed a power knob on my VR150 and there is no play at all and still spins smooth. And help would be appreciated if someone has found a fix.
  11. @rreelman @surfrat59 I could've updated the reel seat and the grips, but I wanted to keep the original look at much as possible, everything was in such good shape I left it as is. As for the under wrap, my rod builder managed to dig up a leftover spool of the original Trimar black and gold thread to wrap it. Him and I kind of described it as a resto-mod in a sense. Keep it as original as possible but bring parts up to modern day tech.
  12. @Midnightpass not an original VS or VSX but definitely an upgrade from the Garcia Mitchell 396 that was originally on the rod when it was built. @D1fishr its definitely a lot of rod, but I also haven't fished anything modern of that length. At a young 28, I figured it will get me a bunch of years of fishing and mean more than anything I could have bought off the shelf! Even if it does give me a good workout throwing it around all night.
  13. Hey all, Just an update on my 1165 Finally got my rod back from my rod builder and it came out awesome. I get the opportunity to spend two days in Montauk the end of this week, so it's madden trip will be on the full moon, just as the fall run is getting going at one of the best striped bass destinations. I've attached a few photos even though they're not the greatest. It has a new VS250X2, 30lb white braid.
  14. They just re-released the 300 size. This is kind of a dilemma I'm running into. The VSX series are hard to find new because they released the VSX2 series, which probably won't actually be available until October. I should have the rod within the next few weeks. My original thought was to borrow a buddies reel, order a VS250X2 (or maybe a 300X2 now) and wait for the reel. Or see what other options are out there. I don't have much experience with say a Visser or a ZeeBaas, or other sealed reels.
  15. Thank you! Something glitched and this posted 4 times. Is there a way to remove the multiples?
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