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  1. The government has millions of people addicted to prescription drugs like me. Despite the fact that I take my medicine as directed and never abuse it. I’m on a benzodiazepine which is for anxiety. I think some ganjo might settle them down in a more natural way along with medication. But the FDA has really had some glaring weaknesses in not identifying these drugs as dangerous and habit forming.
  2. A Gibbs Polaris popper
  3. the US plays Colombia 2nite for all you soccer fans
  4. Is there a thread showcasing all their flies. The good, the bad, the ugly
  5. Took
  6. I think it’s an interesting topic to talk about though and what the implications might be.
  7. I feel like I am obligated to match those funds.
  8. Some people really do think they are going to live forever. Like a fat cat
  9. Snook
  10. I agree but White Castle does have its place for some reason
  11. It’s easy to play. All you really need is a ball
  12. Makes sense. And then the parents are off having their free time without the kids. Prolly getting doped up.
  13. Good posts. It’s good to be prepared and have knowledge
  14. Properly named after me, Michael
  15. We are all wanted. What’s with the diatribe? Do you have a point. I must be missing something
  16. I had wanted to try some charlottes web but I’m smoking it instead. I figure no one expects anything out of me anyway why not just enjoy life a little
  17. You might be right. I couldn’t do it
  18. Saw here live this year in1998 and she is incredibly talented
  19. We are all just sinners committing sin against one another. There is no peace because there is not peace within a single one of us.
  20. A lot Tim. I just started to smoke the ganjo again maybe 2 months ago and I’m baked out. I’m gonna put it down for the next few weeks and see what transpires
  21. I believe marijuana does reduce anxiety in me but who knows. I like being high and sober both
  22. Got to like someone who just hTes soccer for no reason like Francesa. I remember listening to Mike and the mad dog
  23. Tide runners are lost forever