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  1. Thats great news! what kind of speed do you get at those rpms and gph? also i think i forgot to ask what hp is your boat?
  2. Okay thank you. I would do that sometimes but mostly 2 man crew fishing. so the hulls plane pretty good with one to two people?
  3. What model trim tabs do you have? I am asumming you have them?
  4. Thats awesome to hear. I looked at the boat and it seems like a good allround hull and design. I actually just finalized the paper work on it and will pick it up in a week or so. Did you have trim tabs on the northcoast?
  5. Me either. I fish mainly narragansett bay but would want a boat to go offshore once in a while if we catch a beautiful day.
  6. Thank you for the information. This boat doesnt have the seats in the rear which i would have liked. do you have trim tabs on your boat? i was thinking of seeing if the dealer would add them or not.
  7. Thats the same area i fish currently. Im going to ask the dealer if there is any 20s coming in but the 19 is set up right with a t top like i want. How are the scuppers on the boat like are they placed correctly because some boats ive been on they flood the deck. Also how is the boat in following seas? ive always had full transom boats.
  8. I just did thank you for the information. Where do you boat mostly? That is mainly what i am looking into it being a solid boat to run around the bay or launch out of PJ and fish along the coast.
  9. Thank you for your answer. That is one thing i was worried about to be honest. I like the simplicity of the boats i also was looking at Maycraft boats but the issue is you dont see many around this area. Which has me a little leary on how they would be in narragasett bay. My boat now is perfect however i wanted something that is more trailerable if i wanted to fish the cape or other places. My rampage is 9ft 10 wide so thats pretty much out haha The maycraft was a 2300CCX full transom bracket motor
  10. Hi All! I am new to this forum but not to boating or fishing. I currently have a 24 ft rampage walk around and am looking for something new. I wanted to know what your experices were with northcoast boats specifically 190cc. Most of my fishing and boating is done in narragansett bay RI. The seas on average are 1-3ft that i boat in. Thank you