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  1. We killed the fluke no keepers but a ton of shorts right off the inlet. Out right now on the Queen Mary doing some blue fish chicken with my son. I lost a couple he caught a couple. My youngest my 8-year-old murdered the skates right off the beach last night. Thank you for all your help.
  2. What's with the sand being piled up in huge mounds right at the shore? Just got down to pt pleasant and was like whoa!
  3. From what I read you can be on the beach if you are fishing. The place we are staying has a private section.
  4. Snapper fishing wouldn't be bad for the kids. I could bring some of my lighter tackle to do that. Any places you can recommend near pt pleasant to do so? What about crabbing? Maybe some place we can do both near our hotel. Any suggestions would be great! I'd prefer to stay closer to pt pleasant.
  5. Thank you so much guys! I truly appreciate your input. Like I said, I grew up in the city and fished saltwater most of my life. But haven't been back to the beach in a long time. I have such fond memories of chucking diamond jigs out for blues and bass. I want the kids to experience fishing on a party boat for sure!
  6. Hey guys - The fam and I are headed down to point pleasant next week and I am looking to do some surf fishing at night. I'd like to target blues and or bass from the beach at the hotel. It's been a long time since I've hit the surf and I wanted to see if anyone could recommend a bait and tackle store that won't rip you off down there. I grew up saltwater fishing and do still have my old surf rod n reels and what not. Just so much has changed since I last hit the beach. Circle hooks are mandatory right? What size hooks would you recommend for slinging bunker chunks? Do they sell circle hooks with wire leaders already rigged together or? Would you recommend bunker this time of year? Do you think the blues will still be around? We are going to hit the beach at the hotel we are staying at after 7pm til sometime after sunset. Sorry for all the questions. Just want to be prepared. One last question - Which party boat would you recommend for a family of 5? With three kids (7, 13, and 15), that won't break the bank? I can't believe some of them it would cost like 500 bucks for the day! I remember it used to be like 45 a head when I was younger. Thank you!