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  1. Will a ugly stick gx2 be fine for a trolling rod for stripers it’s a 6,6 rod with a medium action.
  2. I do not know much on these things capfuls I buy this and put it on my kayak? Also does the kit come with absolutely everything I need for it to work?
  3. I do not know much on these things capfuls I buy this and put it on my kayak? Also does the kit come with absolutely everything I need for it to work?
  4. Bite alarms for when I am running 4+ catfish and carp rods down a bank
  5. @adam42 I will probably be spending thousands on eBay now and have packages coming in for months
  6. I am a 16 and a beginner just needing answers on some starter gear for trolling on my kayak for strippers in a freshwater lake with live bait. I was looking into the okuma Magda 20DXTLC for my reel and a tsunami tough tip live bait rod. The reel only has 15lbs of drag is that enough for a larger striper? Is the rod the right action for what I am doing? What line and leaders should I use? How should I rig up the live bait? What other gear and supplies should I get? Is the reel and rod combo I am thinking of getting good enough for stripers?
  7. @adam42 I will definitely look at eBay I never thought about that for fishing gear.
  8. @adam42 I have done a lot of research and trolling is just better for my area but I joined so I could get a lot of opinions and see how others did it and you have helped a lot and I haven’t pulled the trigger on any gear but will definitely consider what you are telling me.
  9. @adam42The fish around where I am on average are around 10 few get above that but they are around. I got some sportsman’s warehouse gift cards that I need to use up and figured I really enjoyed it and wanted to try it out more and wanted to see what other people thought of the gear I was looking at. I was told that 17lbs mono would be perfect. I love to let other fish that I go after run that’s why I fish for carp because I love the fight they put up and when I went on the striper charter I was addicted to the fight.
  10. @ken r I spent an hour trying to do it I won’t flip. I even tried flipping the photo in my gallery first and it still didn’t work. Any suggestions?
  11. @adam42I have other rods for casting for bass like a Lews Mach 2 bait caster and a Abu Garcia spinning rod and reel for that if I do cast from shore. I was going to really only troll for striper because I will be largemouth fishing and will have that out to troll behind me while I do it. I also do a lot of catfishing and I figured I could use it for that also but if you really think I should I will definitely look into it and figure it out.
  12. @adam42 The okuma Magda 20dxtlc that I am currently looking at has over 4 star reviews so I figured it was pretty good start. I went on a charter trip and they put live shiners and trolled.
  13. @BrianBM I will watch where I hook one and keep my eye out for the bouncers and game wardens.
  14. @kinghong1970 Hope you having fun abroad. yes I can definitely wait Yes I can pay the shipping cost that is the least I could do. I will try and get it up in the next few days. Thank you
  15. @phishallways The first part is agreeably true but fishing is my addiction
  16. @Africaster I can’t drive yet so my Dad would be with me hahaha
  17. @kinghong1970 I would really really appreciate it but I unfortunately I don’t live in the NJ I am in south western VA is there any other way like maybe mail?