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  1. I love the ODM bag for those bigger objective nights, really getting after it, plugs, camera, water bottle. You can really load the thing up! And the front pouch is rather generous with space. During the day, just strolling the beach where half the time you're throwing a tin with a teaser, I see no need to load up on tons of chit. And the grubs are great man. Killed this past weekend. You just throw them on your bucktails in advance and they don't dry-out, or get all gooey and gross after a long time like fat cow or pork rind. Not to take away from them tho. I do think they are great trailers but for me 90% of the time I don't see the benefit.
  2. I have the Gen-1 belt and I was running the ODM Surfwave 2.5 on the left and pliers, boga, and knife of the right side. It's a two-tube bag with side pouched on both sides so lots of room for stuff or a possible 3rd mini tube and its been a great system but... I recently started messing around by using the Z-Belt single tube bag and taking the bucktail pouch off of the ODM bag and just having that for BT's and plastics. Why only a single tube bag... Cause I'm that freaking awesome at fishing... kidding. I found myself using 5 or 6 go-to plugs all the time and the swim shads or bucktails. So why not size down? Really select what I want to throw at the car and have an INSANELY lightweight set-up. The single tube and the BT pouch both fit on the left side, it's crowded but not over-crowded by any means very easy access to both. I also use got-cha grubs as BT trailers not pork rind so I don't need the extra space to carry a jar. I really like this lightweight set-up for day time use. The nightshift gets the "big bag" cause everyone knows you NEED to have every color ever made in there right? lol
  3. O.C. boats were out in force and pushing everything south... fast. Still managed a stretch of 1.5 hours with fish every 5th cast or so. Missed the insanity yesterday but this was a good consolation... Outside of that little stretch I think I impaled my weights worth in peanuts. Why do the good always die young?!
  4. I'll take these at $25 shipped.
  5. Over complicated response to a simple question: In general, righties are more dexterous with their right arm/hand so they use that arm/hand to be the dominant during the cast, then making for a seamless transition in keeping the rod in the same hand and just bringing your left hand up to the reel. Also the ability to manipulate the rod with twitches and jerks is likely to be easier or come more naturally with the right. Also since the right arm is usually stronger (wink wink) supporting the rod during a fight is better than having all the right hand pressure on the reel. With conventional set-ups its (usually) less rod action and its more about being able to reel fast and/or really crank down on a fish so the right hand strength comes largely into play here. For lefties it the opposite... Usually.
  6. All good, those are the rules! I will pass, but thank you anyways. Good luck with the rest of the sale!
  7. Respectfully offer $50 for both darters.
  8. IMO go 20 lb. your not really "sacrificing" much in terms of casting distance since most of your strikes from fluke are coming in pretty close to the lip. I bought a HUGE spool of 30 lb. mono a few years back and I tie most of my leaders and rigs from that. For striper maybe bump the leader up a little bit. But its really a personal feel kinda thing Like chisler said don't overthink it too much. As for the set up... Sounds like a legit nice light weight set up to stroll the beach for miles on a nice summer day.
  9. October was not kind to me. November 1, WAYYY out back. Nice ole' 30 incher. Good start to the month and better to feel the line go tight again!
  10. Don't worry @Goldy I manned the ship while you were gone. 7pm-10am not a thing to show for it other than weeds and a SHATTERED sense of self. It must be that EVERY plug I have just isn't good enough. Guess I'll have to buy more lol. Yours truly, The Crowned Prince of the Sunday Skunk
  11. Thanks for the input guys! Good to know... I'll try to get that up on the boards in the next few days!
  12. I'll take these at $45 shipped.
  13. More of a topic for the BST crowd but... I have a fair amount of freshwater fishing gear. Since getting some salt in my veins I haven't looked back. Now I've probed through the BST threads and there really isn't freshwater gear listed. Not surprising in the slightest. However being I am fairly new to the site I was wondering if I could get some advise. If I list my freshwater stuff on here does it fall on deaf ears, or (wait for the pun) do I get a few bites? There doesn't seem to be as good of a site with such active membership with a BST page for the freshwater crowd. Is someone able to advise or should I just take that stuff to FB Marketplace or Craigslist? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading.
  14. Braid to Swivel- Palomar Braid to Leader- FG Knot (tricky at first but once you get a good routine its pretty simple) Leader to Lure/Clip- Uni knot with two passes through the hook eye Good luck out there!