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  1. This is how I imagine Mokes and I commuting to our favorite secret fishing spot.
  2. oh jfc he's a fellow cyclist too, omg we'd probably get along really well and go on bike trips to fishing spots together
  3. Worst part is if he and I bumped into each other fishing the same section of shore I'm sure we'd get along great and hang out drinking white claws together. Until that one day when one of us mentions they have an account on stripers online, and then it gets real awkward. But I'm willing to bet there's close to zero chance he's actually this much of a cantankerous pseudo tough guy prick in real life.
  4. WTF, he's been doing it that long? lololololol
  5. lololololololol What a tough guy we have here. I'm sure you weigh more than me but not in a good way.
  6. I've never fished anything but a floating line because I only ever fly fish from the shore so even when not using a dry fly the leader allows for sufficient depth. Beginning to think I should get a second spool and load it with a sinking line and see what the difference is.
  7. Wait what? Light tackle is immoral now? Is this an established thing that light tackle kills fish at a significantly higher rate or just the assumption of an angry person?
  8. Every time you start spouting off nonsense with specifics. Then, when called out on your nonsense you suddenly get all vague so your absurd positions have no clarity to be pulled apart. You then realize that you're now no longer saying anything so switch over to personal attacks. I fear that you are the only rube believing in your tough guy persona. You're a coward. You'll flop like a wet noodle when there's no keyboard between the people you're speaking to.
  9. If you had any substance whatsoever you'd want to purge your own side of criminals if you genuinely believe that crime is bad. You don't though because you lack principles. You lack substance. You are lacking. You're just an ideologue obsessed with a cult of personality. Nothing your guy is ever wrong, everything anyone else does is terrible. If Biden turned around tomorrow and did everything you supposedly think you want him to do you still would hate the man and likewise if Trump got elected again and proceeded to do everything that Biden would have done you'd be loudly cheering from the rafters. End result is you are just a miserable sad sack of chit that makes anger and outrage his entire online persona and just whimpers and cries like a little bitch all day online. You don't stand for anything. All you do here is highlight how angry and insecure you are.
  10. lol was just thinking man that coalfish looks a lot more like a pollock than the pollock does. I learned long ago in my travels the reason for having a scientific naming system as each species of fish is called something different in each new region and a lot of those names overlap. Good luck on the trip. I know nothing of Pollock from the shore (hoping to catch my own from the shore tomorrow in Bar Harbor) but found with mackerel once you catch one then you should cast out again to the same spot immediately while the school is still in the area. It's much less about doing anything to entice them to strike and much more about timing of the cast being in the path of a school. For this reason once you find a spot with success I don't ever see much reason to leave unless a good half hour has gone without getting another. Also hard disagree on all the people who swap out a weight for the lure at the end of the sabiki. While the sabiki is going to hook up with >95% of the fish you catch, that lure is going to get a few things that may not figure a sabiki fly is a worthwhile target - if you need something heavier than a diamond jib i'd put on a heavy spoon or bucktail instead and kill two birds with one stone.
  11. Of all the things to trigger a man, this is what it takes?
  12. sorry to hear that guys, hope you recover fully
  13. Long hours, back breaking work, staying sober, & arriving on time won't be any issues with me. This is how I've lived my life for 3 decades. Even my hobbies and vacations are grueling endurance events. Main issues are that I have no formal training nor experience so it really comes down to the captain's tolerance/patience for someone who'd be doing most things for the first time. I am a fast learner but imagine there's pretty low tolerance for teaching someone the ropes out at sea. The other, less pressing and more long term issue is that I'll be taking a significant pay cut to do this & I'll be wanting to settle down in the near future & raise a family so I probably wouldn't do this more than 2-3 seasons and perhaps the learning curve so steep no captain would bother wanting to take someone on if by the time they finally begin pulling their weight they are gone.
  14. this is probably a blessing in disguise
  15. You either stand for the prosecution of criminals or you don't. Once you decide that certain criminals shouldn't be prosecuted because they are "on your side" but then complain about criminals on the other side not getting prosecuted then you don't stand for anything. You're just a baby who's whining and complaining - which is a very accurate summary of your posting here that isn't fishing related.