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    hockey, fishing, & trekking
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  1. nice work, i am not familiar with airbrushing (which I assume is how you do it), how long does it take to airbrush one of those?
  2. went two nights ago, hit up a few spots with brother in law (took his car) and came up empty - no squid to found, had them at the end of sabikis in case something else in there, saw a few tog in the lights but that's about it
  3. went for squid in boston harbor a few nights ago and came up dry - no sightings
  4. really appreciate it but alas I'm mostly in Maine/MA/NY
  5. Where are you located? I'm in Maine but heading to Boston for a few days tomorrow. I'm interested, but have serious concerns it'll cost far more than $40 to ship (but obviously have no idea) so could you please double check? I'm happy to buy at $240
  6. Yeah, I'm saying if you bought one from a 3rd party reseller they may have inserted some stuff along the way. I used to develop apps for a living. We'd regularly get cold calls from manufacturers, carriers, & resellers asking if we'd like to get our apps pre-installed on new phones for like 10 cents a phone. Incredibly good deal (you usually spend far more than that via traditional advertising) so it was often tempting and a few companies took them up on it.
  7. So a lot of manufacturers sell their phones at essentially cost to produce. They make their income off the pre-installed software. Majority of people will just use the browser that comes installed on the phone rather than install a new one. This is also true for resellers. Many stores will buy phones wholesale, load them up with a bunch of pre-installed software and then resell the phones at cost. So while I don't doubt the accuracy of your statement, there's a lot of middlemen in between you and the manufacturer who could have installed bloatware along the way.
  8. seconds on reels how much would you ballpark to include shipping on rods? (behind zmkm of course)
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