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  1. Is the grafting primarily for disease resilience, or does it produce more as well? If you had a healthy own-rooted Brandywine and healthy grafted Brandywine, will the latter yield more? Amish paste are the only heirlooms I grow regularly that I'm happy with the production almost every year. The other heirlooms I do seem to yield 1/4 what the hybrids do.
  2. Don't we all....................
  3. Bringing this topic back up, one year later. Most of my vines seemed to do well the first year. A few were runts, but most seemed to flourish. I just did my 2nd year pruning. Based on the recommendation of the retailer I purchased the grafted vines from, I'm doing a separate training system for each varietal. The Cabernet Sav will be trained to the bottom wire since the fruiting vines grow upward, and the Chambourcin will be trained to the top wire and grow downward. Here's the year 1 growth of one of the Cab vines And here's the same vine pruned and trained to the bottom wire Here's a pruned Chamborcin, trained to the top wire I trained everything to go to the right this year. I'll allow a second shoot to come up from the ground this year, to train to the left, and then have a two-trunk system going forward. At least that's the plan. I don't really know what I'm doing, so this is read and research and give-it-a-try territory. Lots of cuttings by the time I was done. Since it's grilling season again, I'll probably try tossing some of the vines on charcoal instead of wood chips to see if the smoke has good flavor.
  4. So if a bar in Texas employs an >65 year old bouncer, is any drunk that struggles with them while gettin kicked out potentially on the hook for 10 years in prison? Not defending Bennett here.... just seems like "security guard" is an odd job for a >65 year old if those are the laws in the books. Some jobs have physical confrontation baked in the job description.
  5. I don't see the big deal. Everything those Eagles fans are saying is 100% true. Seems rational enough to me.
  6. As far as I know this is a newly created hybrid from this guy cross-pollinating other varieties. I think most of these striped tomatoes are hybrids. In my experience most of them have been tart, more acidic flavored. But I like to grow them just cause they look awesome mixed with other tomatoes. I love making multi-colored caprese salads with red/yellow/green tomatoes. You eat with your eyes first.
  7. I always try one new "novelty" tomato each year, and if I like it, it stays in the annual rotation. This year I'm doing one called Berkeley Tie-Dye from an outfit in California called Wild Boar Farms that has all sorts of crazy varieties.
  8. I had to look up "damping off". I've had that happen, but didn't know there was a name for it. I always start 3x what I need anyway, and have a pretty high success rate so I end up giving away a bunch of seedlings each year. I usually use one of those 72 cell seed starting trays, and then after they get their first leaves transplant to a soil/vermicompost mix . In an attempt to eliminate that first transplant, I experimented this year with half my seeds; I have them in 6 packs with the bottom 3/4 filled with the soil/wormpoop mix, and the top 1/2" or so with the sterile starter mix. Idea being, they germinate, but at the time of the first transplant their roots might be getting into the good stuff and they'll be good to go. We'll see. First seeds (a few tomatoes and tomatillos) popped this morning. No meat in the compost. Closest thing would be egg shells that didn't get washed out. I made my decision this morning and set out traps. They don't bother me in the compost but I don't want the lil' buggers chewing their way into my shed.
  9. What do you guys start seeds in, soil-wise? I've used a store-bought organic seed starter the past two years, but it's pretty annoying stuff. When it's dry it's basically hydrophobic... The first time I filled my starter pods with it and tried to water, the water ran off like it was coated with rain-x. I've learned I have to pre-soak it before I work with it, which is a pain. And if I accidentally let it dry out a bit too much, it's 10 minutes of careful spraying with a mister to get it saturated again. I have a worm bin and 20+ lbs of ready-to-go vermicompost. I generally use that when I transplant things... but I'm reading it makes a good starter 50/50 with normal topsoil. I may have to go that route. I always feel like a sucker buying dirt anyway. Second question. Rats in the compost pile. Harmless? Or get rid of them? I wiped out a whole rat family last year, but in the past 2 weeks or so a few tunnels have showed up. They're away from the house, but close to a shed where I keep tractor/mower/quad/etc.
  10. I have the standard early veggies (cabbage/cauliflower/broccoli/brussels sprouts) sprouted under lights in the basement. Those will go outside in late march and then I'll start tomatoes/peppers indoors. Everything else (beans/peas/lettuces/corn/etc) I'll either direct sow in the ground, or just buy seedlings from the Amish nursery 25 minutes away. Amish nurseries are the greatest. Great variety, and so cheap. It's hardly worth the effort to start my own seeds, but I enjoy it so I still do. Also, this is year 3 with my asparagus patch (started from 2 year crowns) so I finally get to go nuts with harvesting. And year two with my grape vines, so I should see some fruit develop, but the plan is to remove it this year. Maybe leave one bunch or two just for fun.
  11. Wifey bought me a sous vide cooker for Xmas. That thing really shines on thick steaks. Makes cooking a 2" filet idiot-proof.
  12. Weir grew up a few miles down the road from me in Quarryville PA, which is a bumf**k town filled with yokels that I'm sure called him "it" and "creature" his whole life. Guy ignored it all, became a two time olympian, and is currently on TV with his head high. Meanwhile you seem awfully flustered and upset from seeing him for a few minutes on TV. Looks like "it" is a hell of a lot tougher than you.
  13. I didn't see. Did the MVP finally show some class and seek out the QB that beat him, to shake his hand after the game? Only kidding. I saw. He didn't. Yet again. What a feisty competitor. He just cares sooo much.
  14. Anyone know how they measure ratings these days? Is it still based on a small sample of Nielsen families, or do they have an updated method? How are they counting the number of streams? Most people savvy enough to stream copy-written broadcasts are savvy enough to use a VPN or some other proxy method. Regardless; acting like this is a problem is like pretending Bill Gates is in financial trouble after MSFT stock dropped 10% the last two days. These guys are still making $$$ by the truckload, and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.
  15. Is it naive of me to think they'll let Foles make the decision if a trade offer comes in? Say "hey X just called offering us a trade. They want you to be their starting QB. We'd love to have you here again, but what do you want to do?" I know football is a business, yada yada...but in my opinion Nicky Foles earned that right, and part of me likes to think Lurie/Roseman/Pederson would let him make it. Of course, this is contingent on Wentz be on schedule for week 1.
  16. Against my better judgment, watched the game at a bar in old city and waltzed around the streets of Philly afterwards. The only thing bigger than my headache this morning was Pederson's balls last night. So many guys played out of their minds. And it was great to see some players who the team could have given up on after slow starts to their career (Agholor, Graham) come up clutch. What a game. What a season. Jon Ritchie summed it up on WIP earlier; the world is a better place today.
  17. Did a family road trip to Norfolk the weekend of the divisional playoff game. Heading east to pick up Rt 1 in Delaware, and eagle flies over rt 40 right in front of us. Eagles win. The following week, I was playing in the yard w/ my son about 20 minutes before heading north to the Linc for the NFCC. A lone eagle flies overhead. Eagles win. I purposely worked out in the yard all day yesterday, eyes to the skies. No luck....nothin' but geese and crows. But I just walked out to grab an armful of firewood, and there in the grey, snowy sky overhead, two eagles are gliding by. It's a done deal, ladies and gentlemen. Lucky eagle sighting confirmed; tonight we celebrate.
  18. B-Dawk into the Hall-of-Fame. Tomorrow would have been Jerome Brown's birthday. Everything's coming up Philly (plus, they're a better team) 30-17 Birds.
  20. I love every minute of the week leading up to a playoff football game. Listening to sports-talk all week at work, prepping wings for the grill, talking about the game with buddies, etc. It always sucks when the season is over, but if I can get an extra week or two or three, where the stakes and excitement get higher each week, I'll take it every time. But who knows....maybe in 20 years, I'll be a douche living in the past bragging about all of Wentz's rings and posting pictures of dusty Lombardis
  21. It's also worth noting that the differential favored the eagles +168 to +142, until week 17 when the Pats beat the Bryce Petty-led Jets by 20, and Philly's 2nd and 3rd stringers lost to the Cowboys by 6. Philly was the best team in the league with Wentz this year. Sunday they'll try to prove they still are without him.
  22. I just noticed this. Tied for best in the league. For comparison, the '07 Pats have the best net points ever at a ridiculous +315
  23. If the sun rises in Minnesota on Sunday, the Eagles win. Seriously though, Philly needs long, sustained drives in the 2nd half, similar to what they did vs. ATL. Keep Tom Terrific on the sidelines bitching at the asst coaches, instead of on the field winning the Superbowl. If the eagles have more than two 6 minute+ drives in the second half, they win. Part of that is Doug staying aggressive on 4th down calls. Play to win, don't play to not-lose.
  24. All reports suggest that Philly is 100% preparing as if Gronk is going to play. Eagles practice footage shows their defensive backs being coached to immediately roll and cover up after interceptions, to protect themselves from tantrum-related neck injuries.
  25. Haha...really? If Jeff Blake makes the Eagles a cheating organization, than Michael Jordan makes the Birmingham Barons a championship basketball team. You NE guys can deny and deflect all you want, but everybody knows which current NFL organization has a bit of a cheating problem.