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  1. took the girlfriend to MoCo w/ clams. 2 1/2 hours of the incoming before dark; 4 from 21" to 24". she got cold before we managed one for the grill - went home and ordered takeout instead. she's good luck, though... she's 2 for 2 as a fishing buddy for avoiding the skunk.
  2. Any MoCo boaters out there lose a gaff around May 10th? I was walking my dog along Bradley Beach (hope a dog-walk doesn't constitute as 'spot burning') and found an aluminum gaff washing up in the suds. (3 to 4 foot aluminum). I'll give it a few days; if I can't find an owner, and anyone needs one, PM me and you can have it. It's a good back scratcher, but I really have no use for it.
  3. My buddy and I (both new to surf fishing this year) took our girlfriends out sunday in MoCo w/ clams. 2 hours...4 fish. All four of us caught our first stripers ever. All fairly small (20"-24") but still an awesome night (especially after 6 weeks of getting skunked... I thought mine was big, but it turned out there was a skate on the other hook. Going back tomorrow (w/o the gals) to try to get some with plugs.
  4. heh heh... well never mind. learn something new every day....
  5. Evenin' everyone. Just moved to the Jersey Shore (from Pa via a few years in Freehold), just got into striper fishing. Everything I know about it (albeit not much) I learned from this forum and a few other sites. I've been going 1 to 3 times a week for about a month; no luck yet (started with bait, but now mainly plugs at night) but i'm a looong way from letting that stop me. So here's an attempt at giving something back, even with my greenhorn status. the beach cam posts above reminded me of somthing my buddy (a geology major) showed me a few months ago. a downloadable feature of google called google earth... easy to use, and you can zoom a satellite image into a hundred foot birds eye view. for newcomers like myself who are can't get out during daylight (stupid job) and haven't mastered the art of reading waves yet, it's a great way to see the sandbars and pools...even in pitch black. i'm going to attempt to attach a picture for reference.. if it doesn't work, bear with me.. first attempt. this is about 60 yards of beach by my apartment. it's not real time, but close enough. this may not be the slightest bit useful to anyone, but i figured it was worth a post.