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  1. I had the same problem. Switched to this type of loop knot.. i think it's much easier in the dark w/ cold hands. One schoolie on a blurple bomber last night in MoCo. First season w/ artificials.. been picking up a few here and there on teasers and soft plastic... this was my first bass on a plug. Exciting, to say the least.
  2. MoCo out front. 1-3am. Wind knocked the waves flat. Like a pond. 2 small schoolies. 1 on jigged rubber eel..1 on sand eel teaser.
  3. I've been using a lighter setup I bought for summer fluking the past few weeks. 7' Tica Dolphin (rated 3/4 to 3oz) with a Penn Captiva cv4000. It earned the 'craptiva' nickname yesterday...the reel crapped-the-bed on me after fighting a few borderline-keeper-sized fish. Gummed up (for lack of a better term) and stopped cranking. I do have some heavier duty setups, but have some herniated disks and the lighter gear makes a big difference in comfort when I'm out for a few hours. Question is, If I upgrade to a better quality reel of similar size, ($100-150 range) am I good to go?, or is any combo this size going to be undergunned for the fall run. This setup would be solely used for artificials...mostly out front on the sand. Thanks in advance. I'm hitting the surf for a few hours and will check back later.
  4. Been here awhile, but never gave my joke, so here goes: A guy walks into a phychiatrist's office wearing nothing but a layer of Saran Wrap from head to toe. Shrink says: "well, I can clearly see your nuts"
  5. Had a "snag" slowly turn into a huge stargazer tonight. Engulfed a 5" storm shad. Hideous. 27" (fat) and 26" striper the cast before and after on the teaser. Just as the sun was going down in MoCo.
  6. Is the $50 permit for the vehicle, or something you carry with you and each person needs to be able to produce?
  7. hit the same jetty tonight to try out the new korkers. talk about a product that works...i felt like a mountain goat. and got another schoolie..again on the sand eel teaser. this is some seriously fun stuff. figures, as soon as I start catching, I have to leave the rods behind for 3 weeks. oh well..leaving work behind too. fair trade.
  8. 7' Tica (my fluke rod) w/ 20lb fireline. It was more my technique, or lack thereof, that caused the tangled fish. I plan on taking something longer (9' or 10' rod) next time i hit the jetties. Oh, and my new korkers. Thanks for the congrats. Although, the more I think about it, the more I like the "hit head...get amnesia" idea.
  9. Night of ups and downs. The up was my first striper on artificial. Just a 24" schoolie... I've gotten bigger on bait and much bigger on boats... this was far and away the best. The downside.. In my excitement I ignored warnings of venturing on jetties w/o korkers. Didn't slip heading out, but when I hooked up on the first cast, realized I had no clue how I was going to land the fish. Tried to walk/stumble it down to the beach, but end up with a decent sized robin stuck between two rocks down at the water line. I might keep 1 fish a year for the table and do whatever possible to get others swimming safely, "junkfish" or not, but after some stupid efforts to get to it, just cut the line. I was alone, and due at the alter in 4 days, so cracking my skull open didn't seem to be a viable option. Hopefully the incoming freed it. Sucks, cause it put a damper on a night I'd looked forward to for 18 months... but i'll get over it. MoCo.. both caught on a 5" gulp sand eel used as a teaser in front of a swim-shad.
  10. Lately it seems every 3rd or 4th fish ends up swallowing my teaser (so far all short fluke, robins, and tonight a stargazer)... this brings up two questions: (1) does cutting the line and letting them swim with the hook/teaser give them a better chance at survival than minor surgery with a needlenosed pliers? (2) any tips on avoiding this? I think circle hooks are designed to help avoid this, but thought they were more of a dead-sticking bait hook. I don't think I'm putzing around too much on the hook set...they just seem to swallow it right off the bat. the teasers in question are a standard straight bait hook from a dropper loop, with either a 3" gulp grub or a 4" gulp sand eel p.s. it was my first stargazer tonight. I chickened out on touching it's head, like I told myself I would when I got one. funny how bravado changes when you're in the dark by yourself versus sitting in front of a computer
  11. odd. since i've posted this..been out twice. maybe a dozen fish... no swallowers. (grow up). haven't changed a thing... just must have hit a bad run of luck there for a week or so. or else the fish are toying with me.
  12. this knot is great. tried it at home tonight for the first time. 90 minutes later was doing it on the beach, no problem. i can't say that about a dropper loop. took two friends fishing tonight who thought a 'teaser' was what was jogging by on the boardwalk... hooked 'em up with this knot...both caught. Thanks...
  13. Agreed. I'm a few years too young to have heard both in their heyday, but I can say for the first 2-3 years I listened to classic rock radio, I was under the impression that Rush was led by a female vocalist. For me, the x factor is definitely Freddie and his set of pipes.
  14. I'm not an eagles fan, but I have to say I think they take the NFC-E this year. They didn't win the division last year because of Jeff Garcia...they won because their offensive line is huge and dominating, and westbrook is close to impossible to defend against for 60 minutes. If they keep running the ball with #5 back in the huddle, they'll be hard to beat. Plus, the giants, 'skins, and cowboys suck like a top-of-the-line Hoover. Wait.. my mistake. I'm a huge eagles fan. This is (better be) their year.
  15. Eagles all the way With that wagon broke, I guess they're back to being cowboy fans...
  16. Steeler fans born past 1980 that say "one for the thumb" A "quick" convenience store stop when you get in line behind an old women doing her lottery thing. emoticons, smilies, whatever they're called. my job
  17. Look at the poor guy. No wonder he couldn't get the rod back to you.
  18. I'm in.
  19. I worked at one of those Amish buffet places.... only thing 'authetic amish' about it was the smell of manure coming thru the windows while you ate. Although, I used to fish w/ amish neighbors when I was a kid...they'd give me tobacco and I'd give them the suckers I caught. So for your 4th anniversary, stop by their place for that 'catch of the day'. I'd guess it'll taste like butter and gravy.
  20. never fluked from surf before...decided to buy a new set up and try it since the bass bite slowed down for me. (not that it was ever fast) either beginner's luck or lots of 'em around, cause had almost constant action in 3 quick trips this weekend. same jetty each day..not sure if i got 30-some fluke, or 10ish fluke 3 times each. all shorts or borderline, except one 23"er each day that I'm pretty sure said "nice to see you again" this afternoon. but, i just read the 'how to' fluke cleaning post, so 4th time might not be a charm for him. chartruese bucktail w/ white grub..same grub naked as a teaser. 80% hit the teaser. guy nearby got nice 35ish" striper on a clam today... think i'll go back to targeting them for a bit longer.
  21. Chase rules and Howard rocks Flip flops and no more socks Dogs drool and striper run chase sun-rays and summer fun presenting... Smiley Rhyming, 101. get tanked, set a hook, drink, and flowers blooming, this guys constant refueling, green guy's (must have exxon stock) boozing and think big, lobbing darts, take a pause, no need for
  22. Anyone have anything good/bad to say about canoeing/fishing in the Delaware Water Gap Park? I opted for camping/fishing over casino/stripclub for my bachelor party, and the DWG state park is one of the places we're considering. Probably a 3 day/2 night trip in late July. I've dug up plenty of 'official' info...maps, rules/regulations, etc... but would love some first hand reports if anyone has been there. Specifically, how crowded it gets and how the fishing is. Much appreciated..... -Mike
  23. good to hear. i never fished the delaware, but have spent plenty of time going for smallies on the susquehanna, and am thinking the delaware up in that area might be similar. at least i know i already have the gear i need, although it's sat idle lately while I pretend to be a surf fisherman. am I right in guessing that the further north from Rt 80 we go, the better it'll be?
  24. I started fishing on the farm ponds, trout streams, and the Susquehanna back in Pennsylvania, and had lots of fun and success leaving the bait in the shop and fishing artificials. General rule of thumb w/ plugs or plastic always seemed to be presentation. Moved to the Jersey shore last summer, and have fished the fall and spring runs. I've had moderate success chucking clams, but my trips w/ artificials are bordering on frustrating. Most of my bait-fishing success in the surf so far has been on the incoming up to high tide, so that's when i've been trying the plugs/plastics... bombers, storm shad, poppers...normal recommedations of this site. but i feel like the lure is either slacklined from a wave coming in, flailing unnaturally from a rip heading out, or being pushed to one side or the other depending on the wind/waves at the time. Often, all 3 happen on the same cast. "We're a long way from Kansas, and nonchalantly twitching power-worms thru gentle waters, Toto." Is this just the nature of the beast when fishing the surf? I cant imagine a real baitfish swimming thru the roller coaster that my Storm Shad seems to go thru with each cast. Any advice? should I head to the calmer bays (at least i assume they're calmer) and cut my teeth there, before tackling the ocean?
  25. Thanks for the info. I guess I thought the baitfish were better at holding to one position along jetties or sandbars. I think I made a connection; In streams, I'd cast up and across fast moving rapids, and trout would (amazingly, to me) nail spinnerbaits flying down the rapids at 100 mph. So I guess the lesson is, the prey fish are at the mercy of the currents, while the predator fish can lurk where they want and let the water bring the food to them. Same in the salt as it is in the fresh. I'll keep at it.