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  1. One of my best purchases of recent memory. I can't believe I used to stand cold and sopping wet shaving at the sink like a sucker. 5 more minutes in a hot shower is a good thing.
  2. I put in monday-monday starting april 14th from Boston to Orlando and Sidestep was showing Delta fares at $208 RT. That's 6 Disney passes cheaper.
  3. sidestep dot com. runs a search thru all major ticketing agents (orbitz, priceline, etc) plus all airline websites. you end up linking to those sites to buy, but this saves a lot of search time. plus, shows price after all fees/taxes are figured in, so what you see is what you get. best site i've found so far for flights.
  4. Looked at the menu. Saw "steak on the rock" Thought to myself, "I wonder what 'steak on the rock' is??"
  5. One clear benefit of religion is someone/something specific to give thanks to every day. But i don't think that benefit should be lost on those that aren't sold on religion. Sometimes giving thanks, even to nobody in particular, is enough. Whether it's God's plan, or just millions of years of chemical reactions, we're all pretty lucky to be a part of it.
  6. Well, the wife and I just did the 20 hour round trip drive from NJ for the second time since I first posted a thread a few months back asking advice on good areas to live in the Carolinas. This time, it was to sign a lease. 3 more weeks of work, a week's vacation, and then we're packing up the dog and canoe and moving south. Trying to decide between two places in Beaufort. It just seemed like our type of town. So one question remains. Will I get thrown out of restaurants for ordering "unsweeted" tea? I think I have a cavity from one weekend of that sweet stuff....
  7. I hope he's just touching up the pink. We'll be a half mile or so from the turnoff on 101. Right near the airport. I'm can already hear the "bzzzzzz" of airplanes coming and going all day.
  8. Ahh, Taylor's creek. I meant a stone's throw away from that body of water...didn't know the name. But that backfired (turns out they didn't allow dogs) so now we'll be off 101. I've been looking forward to the Big Rock since we started looking in the area. I lived in OC Maryland for a few summers and would spend any free minute I had over at the weigh-in's the week of the White Marlin Open. That's when I first caught this "bug" I seem to have. I'd love to help out with the Military Appreciation Day... I just have to double check the date (I'm at the age where it seems like there's someone I know getting married every stinkin' weekend of the summer)
  9. Nice. Is that your boat, or the one you captain? Yup, I'm hoping to get my foot in the door of the charter business over the course of the summer. No illusions of it providing much income right's more of a test to see if I'd actually enjoy it as much as I think I would. Kind of a "no regrets later in life" type of thing. We're gonna be a stones throw from the sound between Beaufort and carrot island. Any fish to be had in there, or is it better on the south side of the island in the larger sound? Only place I've fished down there is Fort Macon.
  10. So you're saying I should stay away from tea altogether and have a beer instead? I like that plan.
  11. I know there are a few mates/captains on this site. I got married last fall, and the wife and I are moving south to North Carolina for a few years to have some fun while we're relatively young. I'm hoping to find work in the recreational/charter fishing industry. Can anyone who's been in (or is in) the business offer any advice/tips/recommendations before I take the plunge? I'm not looking for contacts or anything... more books to read, skills to learn/polish, etc... basically any homework I can do now so I'm as prepared as possible before getting down there and hitting the docks. Also, I have no illusions about stepping right into a nice gig.. I'm prepared and willing to pay my dues. I'm guessing most start on party boats, make contacts and go from there? Only 15 more days sitting in a cubicle. I can't wait. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the replies. Snelling a hook is something I'll have to work on. I've been working on other knots, buying whole fish and cleaning them, etc. I'm not worried about friendliness/work ethic/being respectful/etc... never had a problem with that. I should probably clarify. I said in the original post that I'm prepared to pay my dues... But, I'd definitely prefer to be heading to the gulf stream on a 6-pack over tying rigs all day on a party boats. So I guess I'm wondering if there's anything outside of good ol' fashioned experience that will make it a quicker road. For example, other than knowing what port and starboard mean, I know next to nothing about boats. Would it help to look into that (like repair/maintenance/etc)? What about reading charts, ets. Navigation? Or, as TimS said, is it all about working hard and waiting for your turn. Thanks again. Won't get to check back until Sunday...taking the long drive south to hunt for our new home.
  13. Is she dead set on Rome? My college had a handful of options for studying abroad, and they varied from costing a few extra grand to not costing anything extra. No matter where she goes, she'll end up being glad she did.
  14. Not playoffs, but a classic, was in 2003 when the Saints were down 7 to Jacksonville as time was running out, and put together a 75 yard TD with a pass and a bunch of laterals... and John Carney missed the XP. Hilarious. I think it eliminated N.O. from the playoff race. Does that count?
  15. I'm just starting to do my homework for my first mortgage, so I don't have a very big knowledge base on the issue. I assume there's always been people who buy above their means. Seems most of the time they end up only screwing themselves. If those people are always gonna be out there, why isn't there a "mortgage mess" every few years? I'm speculating here, but I'd guess responsible lending kept it at bay. If you don't have 20%, you don't get a loan. Stuff like that. So all that went out the window a few years back. From my viewpoint, I'd call it irresponsible lending to give someone a loan you know they can't afford a year or two down the road. So you're left with a whole lot of irresponsible lenders giving loans to a whole lot of irresponsible buyers. In the end, when it comes crashing down, doesn't that mean both parties are responsible for it?
  16. I tried Rosetta Stone to learn some basic Portuguese last year. Felt too much like homework, sitting in front of the computer, and I'd lose interest. Got Pimsleur instead...all audio tapes. Put it on the iPod, and played it during long drives. Not a boatload of fun either, but easier to stick to, in my opinion. Not much help with reading/writing, though.
  17. I second Ragin Cajun. My favorite restaurant in the area, maybe anywhere. I prefer summertime there, though..It can be dead in the winter. Bistro Ole is my #2 choice. The chef's chilean sea bass will make you glad you went. Pete N Elda's pizza in Neptune is worth a go one night too. Most definitely.
  18. My grandpa would take me out once a year for sea bass out of sea isle city (which I thought was "seal city") when i was really young. Me, him, and about a half dozen amishmen. Good times. Then after 4th grade we moved out into smelly farm country beside a trout stream. I caught 3 trout on corn that first year... by the time i got my drivers license, i knew that creek better than the back of my hand, along with every farm pond holding bass and catfish in a 10 mile radius. I wonder what I missed out on, never having a Nintendo growing up??? and now i had to go and move to the beach and figure out there's fish to be had there, too. I'm ruined.
  19. Anyone ever been, or more importantly, surf fished there? Probably just bringing my freshwater bass rod... I'm thinking if anything, it'll just be small reef-dwelling fish, but I can't find much info. Thanks...
  20. thanks, i'm in
  21. ..pretty awesome, in my book
  22. Looking for a reel upgrade on a 7' Tica rod rated 3/4 - 3oz. Interested in a Cabo 40, but would consider similar size/quality reels (such as daiwa SS II 3500). Light use and good-to-great conditions, please. Thanks..
  23. thanks for posting the pics, fishinthedark, but my gut tells me I want a Cabo. Lucky420, I'll do $90 for your cabo. PM sent
  24. Lucky, How long have you had the Cabo? I don't need it spooled. Would you do $80 unspooled?
  25. cwilly - the 30 looks nice, but i've gone over the specs a few times and want to go with the larger size. thanks anyway lucky420 - noticed a few dings/nicks in the picture, which i don't mind. mechanically speaking, what shape is it in? fishinthedark - i'm interested in the Boca...heard they're nice as well. any chance of a pic?