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  1. Roaches and mice aren't dirty. They're in your apartment because your ass is dirty.
  2. Macanudo Hampton Courts and Sailor Jerry rum.
  3. Heheh.. I used to tell my little sister they were poisonous crayfish-hornets. I had always thought they were moths, but never knew for sure until now.
  4. Started this as a reply in another thread, but thought it'd be a hijack. Before I get on my soap-box, i'll start by saying i think there's a time/place where all-inclusive is the way to go. If you're there with kids, or the sole purpose of a trip is to lay around and relax as much as possible, go for it. But, more and more you hear about people coming home from all-inclusives somewhere and talking about how the resort was great, but they didn't want to venture outside it at all. My theory is that all-inclusives are one of the main causes of this. americans/europeans spend $1500 each for a week at an resort where they eat/live/drink on the resort. So, every penny of that $1500 goes right out of the local economy and back into the pockets of Hilton/Mariott/Carnival in america/europe. Buying a wooden carving or a shiny conch shell the day before you fly home does not justify your week long visit to the people who grew up and live in the place you're visiting. Have a sense of adventure. Book only a plane ticket, do a little research, and try staying at locally-owned hotels, eat at locally owned restaurants, and drink with the natives instead of other sunburnt schmucks staying at the resort. You might not have HBO in the room, but you'll eat better, meet nicer locals and more interesting fellow tourists, and actually experience the place you're spending money to see. And in the end, it'll probably be cheaper than the all-inclusive. Okay, rant over. Carry on and safe travels.
  5. It was a post. Meant Borgata. I was eating tellagio cheese last night and my mind played a trick on me. I'm actually in the process of booking an all-inclusive, after losing this same argument with the others coming along on the trip. I'm interested to see if the inside of a resort in Puerto Vallarta feels any different than the inside of a resort in any other hot sunny place in the world. Oh well, I'm not a party-pooper...I'll come down off my high horse to sit at the swim-up bar all day. And at least i'll get to try to catch a sailfish.
  6. Like i said, you have to do your research. Someone could fly into Atlantic City late one night, look out their cab window on the way to the Bellagio, have fun for few days, and go home saying "well, NJ is nice, but i sure as hell wouldn't leave the casino" The big resorts are a bunch of fat wallets in one place, and in a poor country draws in the riff-raff like moths to a flame. There are places where no one should probably visit right now. But name 5 places where a 5 star resort exists that you wouldn't want to venture outside of, and i'd bet you could find a place within 20 miles where you could stay without much worry.
  7. listening to the chorus of Rusted Roots "Send me on my way", my wife asked... Is it "Simmie AND the whale", or "Simian the whale"
  8. Has anyone read David Duncan? He has two great "guy" books. The River Why - about a kid who leaves everything behind just to fish for a few years. The Brother's K - about brotherhood and baseball. both great books that not many people have come across.
  9. A better name for this list would be "the 10 books that people who don't like to read might be able to finish before they get too bored" Two by Dan Brown on any list?? Hemmingway and Vonnegut are spinning in their graves.
  10. Every other species on the planet stops drinking milk past infancy for a reason. If you're older than 2, milk is gross. At least make it into ice cream or butter or something useful.
  11. We got a few of the thermacell things at work. It uses a little butane cartridge (about the size of a battery) to heat/disperse a repellent in a small area. (The website claims a 15' x 15' "bug free zone") I was skeptical, but they really did work. Would get expensive to use every day, since each cartridge is around $7 and only lasts 12 hours. On the plus side, is seems to work better than a citronella candle, and is scentless.
  12. Are you flying on weekends? Usually if you can fly in/out on a Tue or Wed, it's a good bit cheaper. For example, AmericanAirlines right now you could do a tuesday to tuesday from JFK to Providenciales for $483 each. I'm always checking for cheap flights to the Caribbean. In airline prices, the early bird doesn't always get the worm. If you keep checking once a week or so you'll probably see them fluctuate between the 300's and the 700's. I have no idea the rhyme or reason behind their pricing, but that's the way it goes. Google Sidestep. In my experience, I've always found the lowest prices there.
  13. Santorini and Mykonos are good places to start. Santorini at sunset is stunning. If you make it to Crete, the old city section of Hania is worth seeing just for historical value. Athens has the most famous ruins at the Acropolis..but other than that is just another big, busy, noisy city. Plenty of cool stuff if you're into greek history.. the "minotaur's labyrinthe" at Knossos, Agamemnon's Lion gates at Mycenae, the Oracle at Delphi, etc, etc. If you're not a big fan of that stuff, stick to the islands and beaches, or it'll just feel like long drives thru olive fields to look at old rock-piles. And make sure you try the Raki/Tsikoudia. Greek'll put some hair on your chest.
  14. Good to meet you too, Paul. I was out of town the last week, but will be out chasing reds tomorrow. Eric, I heard you and Jennifer were in.. I was in the middle of a 12 hour drive that night. Brought a kayak back w/ me...can't wait to rig that up to fish around the marshes. If I'm not putting anyone out, I'll definitely be game for a trip in the tournament. Keep me updated.
  15. I thought I saw you motoring her under the Morehead/Radio Island highrise about early one morning about a week and a half ago... but if she's in drydock, there must be another pink boat in town.
  16. You must use heavier jig heads than me, or have a much better setup. I can throw some things 100 yards... a jig head w/ a gulp shrimp ain't one of 'em. Another thing to think about, joec. Lots of places are currently hiring for seasonal work..sooner rather than later. So if you wanted a second, parttime gig while you set your business up, summer is the time to be here.
  17. Yup, I hooked up with Eric. He pointed me in the right direction and I've been fishing Radio Island/Fort Macon/etc a good bit. My problem is I usually fish odd hours, and a lot of those places have parking lots/access that shuts down at 8pm or so. But I don't want to steal joe's thread... I just need to explore more. I'll stop by the shop and say hello sometime. From where you describe it's location, is it right by Freeman's?
  18. I moved to Beaufort NC from Bradley Beach NJ a month and a half ago. So far I'm having a tough time finding good fishing access that doesn't require a boat (i miss my monmouth county jetties) but this seems to be the slow fishing time of the year right now, so I'm not discouraged yet. Other than that, two thumbs way up. Funny, but that weird twitch I'd get in my eye driving in Jersey traffic has all but disappeared. Can't say for sure about moving the business, but this area has enough of a year round crowd that I'd say it's feasible. Like anywhere else, there's certainly people making a good living down here. Up in jersey it was all suits and "executive VP in charge of blah blah blah". Down here, it seems to be the small business owners. But, now that I live here...if you do come down, keep it quiet. We don't want to be overrun by all you Jersey arseholes.
  19. Is his brother the porn star Buster Hymen?
  20. R-Redfish is right. I just did this 2 months ago. You take the plates in, they'll give you a receipt (which my insurance required to end coverage) and after the buyer registers the car, you should get a form in the mail to sign and send back verifying the selling price. This was for a paid-off car, though. If you have a lien, it might require additional steps.
  21. Hey EricF.. I'm typing this at the Beaufort Library... been in town a week now, but won't be online at home until Thursday. Been busy getting the house/yard in order, but plan on wetting a line tonight or tomorrow at the latest...probably Ft Macon... I'll PM you my #, if you're still available to meet up sometime. I'll probably check back online tomorrow. Thanks for checking in...
  22. oh, and Sparky... laxatives, man. anti-inflammatories are like eating cement mix. why add insult to injury? Good luck.
  23. Been fighting two herniated discs and sciatica for a year and a half now. Did the cortisone shots, felt better for awhile, but got lazy with my exercises and it came back. So the last few months, get up every morning before work and do Qi Gong (i was recommended a video "qi gong for back pain" by lee holden). I felt stupid doing it at first, but it's all about stretching, deep breathing (to expand the spine) and core strength. It has helped a lot. I still throw it out from time to time (like today, loading up the moving truck)... but unlike before, a nights sleep and I feel fine again. MadBomber... my whole mess started out like your situation (i used to sit at work all day). Trust me; try to take care of it before you really hurt it. I put up with standing with bent legs for a bit... then one day your lying on your floor biting your arm just to give your mind something else to focus on than the knife-in-your-back feeling. (true story) On the bright side, all other pain these days is a walk in the park. I stub my toe and laugh.
  24. I help design, program, and maintain financial and clinical software systems for the health care industry. But only for 3 more days. Then I'll be moving south in search of warmer weather and a job where i don't spend all day in front of a computer tippity-tap-tapping my life away on a keyboard. 3 more days...
  25. I was visiting my folks overnight last week when their dog got sprayed by a black and white demon. After 3 attempts with different remedies to get the smell out of my clothes, I found the only surefire solution. Get some tomato juice. Add worcestershire, tabasco, old bay, lemon juice, and a lot of vodka, and drink liberally as you throw your clothes in the dumpster.