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  1. I'm not quite Mr. Miyagi yet, but at least this thing is growing. Still keeping it in the basement under a 16/8 fluorescent grow light. I think I'll cut those two taller limbs in the back left off, and keep the current grown in foliage as the topmost "canopy".
  2. Stumbled across this today; you can apparently trim down a pepper plant at the end of it's first growing season, and make an indoor bonsai (or bonchi, I think is the correct term) that will fruit year to year. Seems like the type of stupid hobby the garden nuts on this forum would attempt. I might give it a whirl with my bhut jolokia... I only really need a handful of those peppers each year anyway.
  3. We either do it in the smaller top section of our double oven at 550, or outside in the Weber KettlePizza over oak which I can usually get to 600-700 for 20 minutes or so. In both cases on a 14" square thick pizza stone. Sauce is always homemade from home grown Amish Paste tomatoes. Basic mozzarella, but shredded right before going on. Toppings are usually leftovers from the week. The dough? Well...after messing around with a starter and hydration and all that jazz for years, I got too busy to bother with it. So we buy raw dough. Not from a pizza joint...from the friggin' Food Lion. And honestly, it's great. Every friday night for going on probably 8 years. Just got done.
  4. Pulled all my pepper plants this morning, and trimmed down my ghost pepper to give this a try. Gonna keep in under my seedling grow-lights in the basement until it gets established (if that even happens) them move it to a south-facing window. Might be dead in a week, but it should look cool if it does grow new foliage.
  5. Made this last weekend and served with my wife's homemade bread. Used store bought cod, but carrots/potatoes/corn were home grown. It was awesome. Only had chicken stock on hand, but it was great with it. (did squeeze in a bit of fish sauce, though). Thanks for sharing recipe....everybody loved it, including the kids.
  6. Derek Barnett to IR kinda out of nowhere yesterday. Sidney Jones still hurt and didn't travel to London. Bouye also ruled out for the Jags. They have Ramsey and 3 undrafted rookies in the secondary. Have to figure Ramsey will shadow Jeffery. Let's go Ertz and Goedert. Can any of the other WRs manage to get separation on some undrafted rookies?
  7. What a pile of crap that 4th quarter was. After the giants game and first 3 quarters on Sunday, they looked to be back on track for the season. And then that big ol' turd. Not much room for error from here on out. 5 divisional games, plus NO, LA, JAX, and HOU. NO and LA are on the road. Likely both losses unless Wentz plays out of his mind. That means win the other two, then go 4-1 in the division to hit 9-7. One game at a time. Go to London and take care of JAX, and see what the bye week brings. Some guys rumored to be on the trading block around the league on both sides of the ball that could help Philly this year. But if they drop to 3-5, what's the point?
  8. You should call up some owners and tell them you'll do it for what you consider a fair salary. I'm sure 75,000 people will show up this Sunday and buy $12 beers to watch your athleticism on display, and the owners will finally stop getting ripped of by those "****" players. I thought the call on Matthews was BS, even according to the new rules. But I understand why the NFL is trying to protect it's money-makers. And there's still plenty of violent collisions every Sunday for the blood-lust fans. I do get annoyed at all the commercial breaks and some games are way too flag-heavy. But this "touch football" narrative is overplayed. You go run across the middle and let Vontaze Burfict or Keanu Neal hit you.
  9. Haha, the xmas lime tree is awesome. Doubt I could get my wife to agree to that, but I'd be game.
  10. As far as indoor humidity, do you think the type of heat you use in your house makes enough of a difference for keeping plants happy? My old house was an electric heat pump, which was always very dry. Current house has a furnace with baseboard water heat, so it stays pretty comfortable. I could always just put the thing in the bathroom when my wife/daughter shower in the mornings. The walls drip they take such long hot showers.
  11. Been doing garlic a few years (don't recall where I originally bought the cloves) but I'm assuming they're softneck since I've never gotten scapes. So I'm going to switch this fall and buy a hardneck variety. Anyone have any favorites they can recommend?
  12. The win against a likely playoff-bound conference rival is gonna look really good come December. Home crowd killed it making noise on that final drive after a long late slop-fest on a work night. Yaa-aawn. Didn't get home until 3a last night. I prefer Sunday 1p games.
  13. My neighbor tells me every chance he gets (anytime I'm wearing eagles gear) how he's done with the NFL cause of all the "kneeling nonsense", and thinks Kaepernick is a terrible person. But, he's a diehard PSU fan with season tickets, and still thinks JoePa is a god. It's easy to feign moral outrage, when it doesn't screw up your tailgating plans. We still get along great; mainly because I keep my politics to myself like a sane person.
  14. What's so hard about turning off your TV and enjoying the silence, if that's your decision. Why run and tell everyone? Do you guys get red white and blue cookies in the mail or something? If that's the case, maybe I'll pretend I'm not going to watch on the internet, and then eat my cookies while watching awesome football games.
  15. Just twice. Both vs. the Pats. Pukey McNabb, and miracle Foles. I wouldn't complain about a rubber match this February. NE probably has a clearer path. NFC looks tough, and Wentz's knee is still a question mark. I'm the conductor of the Wentz hype train, though. Gonna be a fun season.
  16. Oh jeez, good point. I'll call Philly sports talk tomorrow and let the rest of the guys know that we don't have enough super bowl appearances since 1982 to gloat about sending pouty-patty Tom to the locker-room in a huff after that glorious 41-33 victory. I figured we at least had until another snap of meaningful football was played to bask in it, but I was mistaken. Thanks for setting us straight! And to be factual, there Mr. Sports Encyclopedia...they were in 2 superbowls since 1982. Maybe Pats fans mentally blocked the shame of those early asterisk era film-gate superbowls, but I remember them. Ahhh, so glad football is back.
  17. So Brady and his pats are looking like they might win this pretend game. Does that mean he doesn't sulk into the locker-room like a b*tch boy after the game, and finally shake the hand of reigning superbowl champ and MVP Nick Foles? Such a feisty competitor. So passionate.
  18. Caprese salad with pesto, basil chiffonade, and balsamic glaze. Mozz and glaze are store-bought, everything else from the garden. Tomatoes are: mortgage lifter (yellow), Paul Robeson (dark red), better boy (red) and berkely tie-die (green). All different flavor, all delicious.
  19. Yellow mortgage lifters are big tomatoes, but each year I get one real whopper. This year was the biggest to date at just under 2 1/4 lbs. (the relatively normal better boy is for scale) Probably picked a few days early, but it was cracking due to recent rains, and I figured I'd get what I could before the bugs made it their home.
  20. Hit up islands or sand bars or raft ups. You can mingle with lots of friendly folks, or do your own thing and nobody will bother you. Run to bay-side or river-side restaurants for lunch/dinner or a drink if we're sans kids Some days just anchor in the shade of a bridge and eat a picnic lunch and swim. My kids (5 and 8) are happy just jumping off the bow, swimming to the stern, climbing up swim platform, and repeat. For hours. With the kids I'll bottom or bobber fish for catfish. Haven't taken them crabbing in Maryland yet, but we used to with chicken necks on a string in NC and they loved that (if you could get them to be patient enough to not check the line every 30 seconds. I have a 600' trot line I bought on a whim, but might pick up some ring-traps for family crabbing. The trot line is fun with a buddy or two, but might be a circus with two young kids. Heck, it's a bit of a circus with just us adults. I'll let them steer thru uncrowded no-wake zones (under supervision, or course). Makes them feel important, and I get to teach them about right of way, channel markers, constant observation, etc. My boating experiences as a kid were strictly "the dad drives, and nobody else touches anything" I want to instill a comfortable/capable boating culture in my kids, cause I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, and hope they want to keep doing it. Moral of this post is, since we got our boat 7 years ago, I've lost count of how many times we've taken it out...but I can safely say we've enjoyed every single trip. Even the day we got towed home (make sure you get a Tow-Boat USA or Sea-Tow membership) was a fun memory.
  21. I do them similar to SIM, but after they're done cooking (with just dry seasonings), I'll toss them in my sauce of choice and dump them all back on the baking sheet and crank the oven up high for 5 minutes or so. I pull them out right as the sauce starts to caramelize/burn. You lose a bit of crispiness (but I can never get baked wings as crispy as fried anyway), but I prefer the sauce hot and slightly cooked into the wings Before cooking I toss mine in salt, pepper, and this. This stuff (MSG + spices) is delicious with chicken.
  22. They are sweet. I was reading recently that Kencraft bought the molds and produced them for a year or two under the name Breakwater Bay, but then put the molds back up for sale again. No idea who (if anyone) is building it now. I feel like $40-50k new and 25-30k used (late model) seems to be the going rate for 20' center consoles these days. Seems nuts, but I guess there's buyers.
  23. Spend enough hours on craigslist or the boats-for-sale section of the-hull-truth and you develop a pretty good sense of the price of different sizes/classes of boats. Of course, the latter can make you feel pretty poor seeing dudes selling their 2017 32' center consoles for $250k cause their brand new with the slightly upgraded cup-holder is almost ready.
  24. Both of those would be fine for plenty of boating scenarios in the bay and tributaries. You just have to be sensible about where you go and when you do it. I boat in the very northern part of the bay in a 17' center console that's 30 years old. Some days I can run from Havre de Grace to the Sassafras easy as pie. Other days I can barely leave the river without getting tossed like a rag doll. When the wife and kids are along, I'm twice-as-cautious, and refuse to tempt fate and race weather. I don't think 2 days go buy that I don't look at craigslist and a few boating boards window-shopping for boats. There are a ton of options for great bay boats. Parker, Jones Bro, Maycraft, Privateer, Seacraft, Sea Ox, Atlantic, Sea Pro, Key West, Grady, Kencraft, Pursuit etc, etc. I think most would consider bayliner and CS to be lower tier than several of the ones I mentioned. With a $20k budget you could get a really nice 10-15 year old 20CC from some of the mid to upper tier builders if you're patient and keep your eyes open. Keep resale in mind, too. A $25k boat you can resell in 8 years for $18k is a better deal than a $12k boat you won't be able to give away in 8 years