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  1. I love Ina Garten's recipes, and that gorgonzola sauce looks great. It would probably work well with the chicken too (which will have a mushroom/spinach stuffing). I was going to do a peppercorn cognac sauce a la steak au poivre, but just might change it up. This is for a 40th bday so cost-be-d*mned, but in the case of the filet roast, I won't spend more $ foolishly if the end product will be about the same. The Wegman's near me sells those dry aged prime strip steaks around $25/lb, so party #2 I'll spring for those, along with some u-12 scallops, and a bunch of nice bourbons. I've actually never set foot in a Costco. Have to borrow the in-laws card and go scouting this weekend.
  2. Sounds like Costco is the winner.
  3. Slowed-down videos starting to show up on Twitter/Reddit/Etc. Eagle's special teamer Treyvon Hester got a few fingers on that kick and changed the trajectory. Doubt it'll help Parkey sleep tonight, but it looks like the narrative isn't that Parkey choked and let the birds advance, but rather an eagle made a play and blocked the kick juuuust enough.
  4. Bears: "We're going to give you $9 million to kick the ball between those yellow things" Parkey: "So I hit them?" Bears: "No no no...between them" Parkey: "Wait what?" Bears: "Between them" Parkey: meh...I'll figure it out.. "Deal!"
  5. My poor blood pressure. What a game. Foles with another clutch drive. For a minute there it was looking like a repeat of the eagles/saints game back in '13. Tough luck for the Bears fans....hard way to lose at home. Got the Sunday late game again next week. It's awesome having the last game each week. Best two weekends in the NFL. 0-2 vs Brees/Payton in the playoffs. Time to end that streak. Survived the defensive battle, time to go get in an offensive one.
  6. d o i n k doink
  7. I can concede to the injuries being concerning. And I can understand why some folks think Foles should be the man going forward, even if I disagree as of today. But saying Wentz has no upside is ludicrous. It's not a difference of opinion. It's wrong. 90 minutes until kickoff. I can't freaking wait. Go Birds!!!!!
  8. 29 consecutive starts before two rams converge on his knee on a freak play. 40 out of 48 regular season games in his first 3 seasons, with 5 of those games missed on the same knee injury, which he came back from about as early as doctors seemed to deem possible. He's definitely not a threat to break Favre's consecutive start record, but lets not get carried away with the condemnation quite yet. Matty Stafford missed 19 games his first two seasons then went 128 straight. Tannehill started his first 75+ games and then had 2 of 3 seasons end with injury. Sometimes injuries are just dumb luck.
  9. Warner was the closest I could come up with. But his career was more not being given a chance in the NFL until later; he was pretty good from day 1 once he got a shot. It seems like usually the NFL weeds out the wannabes really quickly, and if you're not a stud by year 3 or 4 you'll probably never be. Rare that someone would become a journeyman and almost be out of the league before finally playing at a high level. But, 27-2, 7 TD game, etc....maybe he always was that guy, and just lost his way for a few years in crap opportunities. Fascinating to watch it all play out.
  10. This is Wentz's team going forward and I think only a Foles trip to Atlanta in February even warrants a serious discussion otherwise. I suppose it's possible that Foles has leveled up and can continue with the upside of his bipolar career. I'm having a hard time thinking of other examples. Lots of guys have flash in pan seasons.... but has anyone had an up-and-down 6-7 years like Foles before suddenly becoming elite in their late 20s? Can't argue with Foles moxie. I've loved the guy since the day Chris Baker absolutely blind-side decked him, and he dusted himself off and finished the game-winning TD drive. It's rare that he hasn't been clutch when needed at the end of games, even if the ST and DEF couldn't hold his lead (looking at you, 2013 vs. the Saints eagles). All that said, I still think if you draw a venn diagram of Foles and Wentz's talent and potential, Foles circle is completely contained in Wentz's. Whether or not Wentz realizes that potential remains to be seen.
  11. The ghost peppers were much less hot than normal this year. I've been seed-saving with the ghost for a few years, so I'm curious if it's actually a cross breed. They were still really hot raw, but this sauce ended up much milder than I expected. It's hot if you put a dab or two right on your tongue to taste, but gets diluted pretty easily on some potatoes or eggs.
  12. Took advantage of the day off to bottle up this years batch of hot sauce. Tough growing season with too much rain and the deer munching on young plants, but my tabasco and ghost pepper plants persevered.
  13. Lane Johnson has been playing really well lately, so if he could keep Khalil Mack even somewhat contained the eagles definitely have a shot in Chicago. Seems like lots of philly fans feeling pretty confident about this game...probably overconfident. It'll be tough, and that Chicago crowd will be fired up. On the other hand, hard not to just buy into the Foles ridiculousness and ride the wave until it crashes.
  14. I needed 11 pts from Lindsay + Denver D to win $450, which is the only reason I watched this crap game. Oh well. Merry Christmas anyway.
  15. As unlikely as it might be, I like to imagine a scenario where the eagles sneak into the playoffs, knock Dallas out, then go into New Orleans and avenge that sh*tshow of a game from earlier in the year. As icing on the cake in that last game, Dougie P goes for it on 4th down in a blowout and throws a wheel-route TD to Sproles a la the Kamara play. And afterwards Sean Payton purses his lips so tight they just pop like water balloons on live TV.
  16. 8 years ago today was one of my favorite eagles fans moments of all time, when Vick led that huge comeback against the Giants in the "new miracle in the meadowlands" or whatever they call it. At the time, I was living near Morehead City NC, which was the home town of the giants punter Matt Dodge who didn't follow instructions to punt away from DJax that afternoon. He got cut by NY the next spring and came back to NC. I never met the guy, but some of the girls I worked with would bump into him at local bars and claimed he could get pretty aggressive in his advances with the local gals. I advised them to tell him "you're punting to DeSean here, buddy" next time that happened to them.
  17. To clarify, I did say that there's only 10-15 guys at any given time capable of doing it...meaning they have the combination of raw talent, football smarts, and work ethic for it to even be a plausible outcome. I count Wentz among that group. Really only a handful of guys in any era actually pull it off for any length of time. He might never be elite, but it's not outside of the realm of possibility (like it is with say, Tannehill/Bortles/Keenum/Dalton/Winston/Gabbert/Kessler/etc/etc/etc) But, I unabashedly love the guy, so I might be a bit biased....
  18. Agreed. I just watched highlights of last years Eagles/Rams game. Wentz was incredible in that game. When you compare his mobility in that game to this season, it's night and day.
  19. I guess time will tell. He started his NFL career with 29 straight games before he had two defenders unluckily converge on his leg simultaneously while diving into the end zone. Not much you can do about that one. If they lose Sunday and the season is officially toast, it makes zero sense to bring him back...otherwise this might have been a "put on some extra pads and tough it out" injury. Curious when the back fracture occurred. He's definitely taken several never-saw-the-guy shots to his back this season. Hope he improves on that going forward, or he might spend a lot more time hurt.
  20. He definitely regressed from last year in some decision making and downfield throws, and I admitted earlier in this thread that a lot of their woes this year can be blamed on Wentz and the offense's slow starts. But he's been pretty consistent and pretty good, by almost any measure. I just looked at his game log...8 of 11 games hes topped 65% comp, 250+ yards, 2 or 3 TDs, and 0 or 1 pick. Before the back injury news, he was on pace for a 2nd straight 25+TD, <10 pick season, which has only been done twice (Brady/Rodgers) in the history of the NFL. 98 or better passer rating in 9 or 11 starts. You could argue his completion $ and passer rating are inflated by sort passes, but with all of their speed WRs in IR, that might have been unavoidable. I'm still on the Wentz Wagon.
  21. Wentz is absolutely still the long term franchise QB in Philly. Based on what you read about recovery times, it wouldn't have been out of the question that he still hadn't played a snap and was just now getting ready to make his 2018 debut. Instead he came back at the earliest possible window, and has gone 21/7 TD/Int with a near 70% completion %. And who knows how many games that was with a busted vertebrae screwing up his core movements. There's only 10-15 people on the planet at any given time capable of playing NFL QB at a consistently high level, and he is sure as sh*t one of them.
  22. About a dozen years ago, I dealt with back issues for a year and a half. It definitely made me an uncharacteristically miserable bastard. Get better Carson. He hasn't hit his prime yet.
  23. Welp, this has been a crap season. Only consistent thing about this team in 2018 is the slow offensive starts. The injuries to the defensive backfield have been rough, but it was the offense not showing up in the first half all year that torpedoed the season. Not sure if that's Peterson's fault, Groh's fault, the loss of Reich, or just due to Wentz's regression. I think Wentz will be back to form in the future. It was one year ago tonight that he was a legitimate MVP candidate with a freshly torn ACL. Entire offseason and preseason rehabbing in the gym instead of playing football. Absolute BS on that opening kickoff. Nobody on earth can honestly think anybody other than the eagles recovered that football. Oh well. Last I checked, Eagles are still the champs and cowboys are led by a ewok looking piece of crap who hits women. Eff the cowboys, go birds.
  24. Having Timmy Jernigan back should help the d-line, and maybe cover up some of the injuries/deficiencies in the LB and DB corps. But it's definitely up to Wentz and the offense if they want to make any noise in the last quarter of the season. Keep feeding Adams and getting Tate more involved. Ertz and Alshon are still steady 3rd down targets. And Sunday will mark one full year from Wentz's ACL tear. O-line is healthy and playing better. Dallas will be tough, but hopefully we'll see grumpy Jerry in his booth at 7:30 sunday, and not happy Jerry.
  25. They'll rattle off 7 more wins in a row and repeat. woot!