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  1. First time selling my tickets in 13 years of being a season ticket holder. Just doesn't suit any friends/family this Monday. Two lower level seats and a parking pass, asking $250. (Face value is $162.50/ticket and $40 for the parking). Section 108, row 23, seats 3 and 4. This is the corner endzone, in the section where the eagles enter/exit the field. If you go in early you can go to the bottom of the section and the eagles players are a few yards away warming up. The Linc is all electronic tickets, so you need to have the Eagles official app or ticketmaster app on your phone to receive and use them. Here's the view Thanks and go birds.
  2. Checked the ticket resale websites and it looks like there's not a huge demand for this game. New price $150 for 2 tickets and parking pass. Probably the last chance to boo Eli in Philly...
  3. 41-33 Birds, as is tradition.
  4. Outfit out of central NC. They brought samples to a restaurant I worked at in Beaufort a decade ago; I've kept some in the pantry since.
  5. I did a compression test in the guys driveway, and then we ran it on a flush for 5 minutes or so. I bought it off a state trooper that lived 10 minutes from me, and after a short conversation I just trusted my judgement that he was being upfront with me. During my boat search I saw a few other boats, and some people definitely gave me red flags. If you're planning putting a brand new motor on something, you're main worries are just a rotten deck or transom. One rule of thumb I had was, if the previous owner can't be bothered to take 5 minutes to sweep the leaves or pine needles out of the boat before posting pictures, you probably don't want it. Pride of ownership is usually pretty easy to see.
  6. My first boat was a 17' center console with a Suzuki DT55 I got for <$3k (boat/motor both 1988). Ran it for 7 years and sold it cheap to a buddy when I upgraded. Could fish inshore all day and burn 7-10 gallons of gas. Easy to tow, easy to clean. It didn't impress anyone at the dock, but I loved that thing and had a lot of fun on it. Fuel/maintenance costs were less than a grand every year, and I ran it year round. Boating can be cheap, especially if you know your way around a 2-stroke motor. Along with Parkers, Privateer is another cool NC made smaller boat that can be had cheap.
  7. Being Helpful and Nice are my two main hobbies! (No harm meant....he's an old buddy and co-worker I hadn't seen in years and didn't know was on SOL)
  8. look just like this ugly-ass PACS administrator I used to work with in coastal carolina years ago.
  9. Maybe not in New England waters, but I would occasionally snag an octopus along shallow water jetties in coastal NC.
  10. That glue on cleat looks like the best option. Halter hitch around anything solid near the bow works too... one tug on the tag end and you're free if you need to be.
  11. I think Vontaze Burfict might have brained his damage.
  12. Was up in Bar Harbor and Acadia 2 weeks ago for vacation. I'll never get tired of watching those lobster boats cruise around the harbor. Also took the kids whale watching out of Gloucester a few days later, and were following humpbacks around Jeffery's Ledge while the whole fleet from Wicked Tuna was anchored up with lines in the water.
  13. Those gals lost a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get served a buffet of Big Macs and Whoppers on silver platters while some old creep leers at them. Sad!
  14. watermelon (scooped with a melon baller) with blueberries and fresh mint chiffonade. Can top with crumbled feta as well.
  15. When I was maybe 14-15 I was trout fishing a creek with an ultralight setup and saw huge carp under a mulberry tree eating the ripe berries that were dropping into the water. So I tied on a bare hook and put a mulberry on, and spent the next 30+ minutes trying to land a yardstick-length carp on 4lb test. So I guess you're stocked up on carp bait
  16. I do big batches of pesto as well, and vacuum seal into meal-sized pouches. Tastes freshly made whenever you get to it. Lately I've been roasting spaghetti squash and topping with pesto, crisped up pancetta and grated parmesan. Simple, looks impressive, healthy and delicious.
  17. Yup, it's pea gravel over landscape fabric. 4th year in, and there's enough cuts in the fabric and spilled soil on top that some weeds take hold, but they're easily manageable. Plus, the gravel seems to be a deterrent from deer that could easily hop my small fence, and eat everything outside it. We have a 2-3' strip around it where we can put squash/pumpkins/zucchini/etc and the deer leave it alone. I did run out of room in my raised beds to do everything I wanted, so last year I added the exterior in-ground garden and expanded it this year (you can see in the picture where I cut sod this spring). I put potatoes and sauce tomatoes out there and they do fine with the thieving critters. The raised beds get my tomatoes/peppers, beans and snap peas, radish/lettuce/spinach, pickles, cabbage, etc. Overall it was a lot of up front work, but fairly simple now that it's established. We have a great mulch/soil/rock supplier 10 miles away, and that pea gravel was like $22/scoop, so it was an inexpensive couple of trailer loads to put down. It's have been several hundred bucks to do with bags from the big box stores.
  18. Had fresh cut garlic scapes for the first time this evening. I understand the hype....really tasty. Glad I switched to hardneck last fall. Had to add some more supports to the arch I have going into my garden, cause the darn honeysuckle collapsed it. I guess I'll trim it back next year. Looks beautiful in full bloom, though.
  19. Read up on spray fungicides; didn't expect it to be so complex. Ended up just ordering Bonide 861 Mancozeb that I read was a good pre-bloom spray for the most common grape fungus. Then, shipping didn't arrive on time and I left for vacation for a week. Finally got it on this past weekend, which was probably too late, but we'll see. I'm kinda regretting it cause everything else in my garden is organic, so I'm not sure why I'm spraying my grapes. 3rd year chambourcin on the right.... the blue grow tubes on the left are around the 6 new vines I used to replace the cabernet; they've all sprouted and look good so far. There are a ton of little grape clusters; I think it's probably be beneficial to thin out about 1 of every 3.
  20. I saw a video recently where a barnyard cat was toying with a mouse as they do, and a hen came flying in out of nowhere and grabbed the mouse, shook it around, and ate it. Little mini-dinosaurs, they are. The resident toad population around our house might not last the summer.
  21. 4th year of the asparagus patch has made me sick of eating asparagus for the first time in my life. It really is great fresh-cut and quickly blanched them topped with olive oil and salt/pepper. Dialed back the gardening a bit this year (with plans of just buying from the amish stand in June) and have focused on this 6-pack of chicken nuggets. My daughter's dream come true to have a bunch of chicks to care for. This brood is supposed to churn out a combined 1200-1400 eggs per year once they're laying. Which means I've been working on a coop when there's a spare hour between work, kids activities, and nightfall. All this stuff is fun, but I get it why folks live in condos. You can buy tomatoes and eggs at the store...haha.
  22. 3rd year started the same as the second for my 6 cabernet vines... the main vine shoots out new canes, but none of the canes from last season buds and sends out fruiting vines. Meanwhile, 3' away in my other row, the 6 chambourcin are all healthy and flourishing. So, I decided to cut bait with the cabernet and ordered six more of the grafted chambourcin on the same root-stock. Might as well goes with what works. Ripped out the cabernet and planted the new vines this past weekend. Still haven't started any spraying regimen, but I probably should this year. Need to Based off the little clusters forming, I'm gonna get a boatload of grapes this season.
  23. Grady, Pursuit, Shamrock, Sea Ox, Pro Line, Key West, all make 20-23ish walkarounds that would do the trick, depending on how low maintenance you are. Those cover all sorts of budgets depending how far old of a boat you want to get. I picked up a 22' grady seafarer this winter and will definitely do fish/eat/sleep trips. It's about akin to tent-camping...not the most luxurious accommodations, but definitely doable for a night or two in decent weather if you have an adventurous spirit. Helps that my wife and I are both short and thin.... the cabin on any 23' and under boat could get tight for larger folks.
  24. I'm not generally a fan of slow-cookers, but I love those picnic shoulder hams done low and slow for hours until it falls into dark pink delicious chunks similar to how pulled pork falls apart.