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  1. My last boat had an 1988 Suzuki 2-stroke with 85-90psi on all 3 cylinders and that thing still screamed wide-open. Before that I had a early 80's johnson 25hp what ran fine with even lower compression. A lot of older 2-strokes (both american and japanese) don't have really high compression. As long as one cylinder isn't way out of whack compared to the rest they'll run. I moved from a 17' CC to a 22' walkaround last year. The WA is a much more pleasant ride in cold or windy conditions, but I'd run another 17' CC in a heartbeat (especially compared to no boat). Before that I fished out of a 15' old town canoe that I rigged a trolling motor on, and a 12' walmart kayak. If you love being on the water, any boat is going to be better than no boat. Even moreso if you're somewhat handy and can fix/maintain things yourself. If you're hesitant about being on the water, and need to pay someone else every time something minor comes up, you might find yourself in the "boat = break out another thousand" or "2nd best day of a boaters life is when he sells his boat" club. If that's the case, a friend with a boat is the way to go.
  2. When I was shopping for Grady's last winter there were older (think mid-late 90s) 208 Overnighters with 2-stokes to be found in the $10-12k range. Same with Pursuit walkaround from similar years. But as others have mentioned, plenty of other options like SeaPro, Proline, key west, sea ox where you might find newer options for the same $. If you're trying to stick to a budget, I think it's easier to look at everything available and then do your homework on the motors, rather than looking for a specific boat/motor combo. Plenty of online resources (both from dealers, and person-to-person) to seach by style, length, and price, and start to get a ballpark idea of your options. Plus just go walk around marinas and look at different setups. In the 19-21' range, cabins do take up usable deck space, so some models are pretty tight for fishing and summer boating activities. With curtains, some center-consoles and dual consoles can be buttoned up to keep you relatively out of the elements for winter boating. I ended up with a walkaround cause my kids love the cabin and we occasionally overnight, but overall I prefer center consoles.
  3. Doing a 2nd batch of yogurt today, playing with some extracts I had on hand. Vanilla, lemon, almond, and rum yogurt.
  4. Had a quart of whole milk sitting in the fridge, so tried sous vide yogurt the other day. 1) Milk in mason jars with lids (not sealed, just loosely tightened), into bath and set at 180. Left for an hour. (denatures proteins) 2) Turn machine off and let jars sit in the bath for another 75 minutes or so. (to cool the milk so it doesn't kill the active cultures) 3) Pull a tablespoon or so from each jar of milk into a bowl, add an equal part store-yogurt, mix, and distribute back to mason jars. (store yogurt needs to have active culture) 4) Stir, turn the machine back on set to 110, and let go for 5-7 hours to incubate/ferment. Move jars to fridge overnight. Stupid easy...nothing really to clean up since everything is done right in the jars. About 5 minutes active work, and would be just as easy to scale up volume. Going to keep doing it and tinker around with adding flavors in step 2. Vanilla, citrus zest, etc. Or flavors like garlic or curry for savory yogurt sauces/dips for grilled/roasted meats.
  5. The red cups were just the first thing I bought/tried when I built my coop last spring. Once winter came and temps dropped, I couldn't figure out how to properly insulate the pvc to keep it from freezing, so I bought a heated water bucket with the horizontal nips. I like that style better, so I'm gonna order some and swap out my cups. I like this system cause I'm lazy and don't want to have to clean things any more than necessary.
  6. The heated bucket we use in the winter has horizontal watering nipples that the chickens seem to prefer. I might ditch the cups and install these instead.
  7. The pressure from the water in the elevated barrel keeps the pipes filled, and the chickens peck at the little yellow actuator in the red cup that fills the cup with water. Top off the barrel with a hose and it lasts at least 3-4 weeks (with 9 hens) until you need to fill it again. The red cups just screw into the PVC and like to develop a slow-drip leak, so I have to pull that section off and re-seat them with some sealer from time to time.
  8. Also use a rain barrel (or hose barrel, I guess), but with those red cup waterers you can get at tractor supply. Works great for 3 seasons...but we switch to a 2 gallon heated water bucket in the winter.
  9. Thanks. Most of the raptors around us are osprey and bald eagles, and they're fat with fish from the bay most of the time. Still, we occasionally see a red tailed hawk around, so we only free range them if we're outside with them. Only one we've lost so far has been our own dumb*ss dog, when the kids forgot to close the gate to his fence.
  10. Having a bunch of hens beats weeding and tilling the garden by hand.
  11. Anyone in here mess around with hydroponics at all? I didn't start any seeds indoors this year thinking I'd be too busy with kids sports....and here we are with nothing but time. I've got a bunch of PVC laying around and just starting some research on what I'll need to make it happen. I have a whole bunch of worm castings, so I'm thinking of incorporating worm tea into the nutrients somehow.
  12. Got this one in the Susquehanna in Md back in December, targeting schoolie striper. I've caught a few little ones 20+ years ago, but something tells me it'll be a long time before I top this. It was delicious. I order it whenever I travel to Wisconsin for work. My favorite freshwater fish to eat.
  13. Fillmore Container is great. I don't understand how anyone in their bottle-making-to-end-user supply chain makes any money by how cheap their bottles are. Last year I got a case of their 1.7oz woozy bottles. Since I tend to do a few different sauces each year on a small scale, it's easier to have gifts for friends/family when I can fill 15-20 small bottles with a batch instead of 4-7 of the standard 5oz hot sauce bottles. It helps that they're located in Lancaster, PA where my family lives, so I don't have to pay shipping. But it comes to <$0.50 a bottle with lids for the little ones. For labels, Avery Labels with a cheap inkjet printer and their online template is tough to beat as well. Here's the two I did last winter.
  14. I've never had much luck in the spring flats season, but it stinks I can't try again this year. Plus the dam seems to be in spill as often as not the past two years. I might just start trailering further down the bay to fish. The flats have plain stunk for me the past two years.
  15. I'm nostalgic for the days when this sophomoric online bickering was confined to the likes of you idiots in the PG, and not these idiots trying to become the most powerful person in the free world. No offense, of course.
  16. I've been reading lately that fermenting the peppers whole or just rough chopped and blending/mashing post-fermentation leads to identical results, but makes the fermentation easier to control...less little bits floating to the top to attract heebie-jeebies. I'm going to try that next time.
  17. Are you using an airlock system, or just weighing down the mash to keep it below the brine? In my experience a nearly full glass jar and an airlock eliminates all mold and most yeast issues. Like JimW mentioned, I also generally add carrots/onions/bell peppers to increase sugar content. I've never checked pH, but before I bottle I usually cut with a bit of good quality white wine vinegar taste testing until it's where I like it. Only problem I ever had was one batch was still pretty active after bottling, so everyone I gave it to as a gift had it science-fair-volcano all over the table the first time they popped the top.
  18. As Clowney and Reed (91) approach, there's only one possible outcome of this play. Wentz is down, for a sack. Reed, not being a piece of garbage, pulls up like most defenders would. Some guys would give him a body shot.... it's fair play as long as you don't helmet-to-helmet. Clowney lowers his dome and skulls the guy. I get that the officials missed it. It didn't look bad at game speed. I don't get the "Wentz should've slid". Nobody slides in their own backfield. "Throw it away" at least has merit.
  19. Feel free to use whatever term you'd like for lowering your helmet into a player. Any other daintier sports you could recommend, other than internet semantics bickering?
  20. Isn't "speared" the colloquial term in football when someone hits a player with the crown of their helmet?
  21. Wentz was falling/diving forward towards open field with his ankles wrapped up.... it wasn't like he took some stupid risk by lowering his shoulder into a defender. Clowney came from behind and speared him in the back of the head while Wentz was fully prone 6" off the ground. Jadeveon will get some inconsequential fine that will do nothing to change the fact that the Seahawks are still playing meaningful football, and Wentz has to live with the stigma of exiting the season early for another year. He was sat down by a physician after a cheap shot. Bad luck.
  22. Rest easy, Eagles fans. I'm going to the game, and Philly is 4-0 in the playoffs when I'm in attendance. Bet the farm on Philly.
  23. I'm a power-boater, but have been dipping my toe into sailing and I completely get the appeal. Do some day trips with friends on the Chesapeake, and did a bareboat catamaran in the BVIs this spring and can't wait to do it again. Thinking retirement in 20 years might be a sailboat for cruising and overnighting and a small CC for fishing. Guess I better get back to work.
  24. Here's a crazy, but definitely plausible scenario: Week 15: Philly beats Washington. LA Rams beat Dallas Week 16: Philly beats Dallas at home. That clinches the division for Philly, and makes the week 17 matchup at NY meaningless, so the 8-7 eagles could choose to rest their starters.
  25. When police have a camera in a brothel trying to stop an illegal sex trafficking operation, Robert Kraft and his lawyers fight tooth and nail that it's an overreach and "unfair" to the people getting taped. When the Patriots film another teams play calling, yet again, it's whoopsy doopsy...completely big deal. I beginning to think this dirtbag Kraft just has some weird fetish with video scandals.