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  1. Haha...that area is definitely the armpit of the Philly tailgate scene. If you're ever an out of town fan, stick to the Citizens Bank and Wells Fargo lots. The lots east of the stadium by all the loading docks are basically puddles of piss and annihilated 20-somethings. Although, the scenery can be good in the early season games when the weather has the Philly girls in short-shorts.
  2. Wasn't that comment from before the game? Belichick: "Freddy Mitchell is terrible, and you can print that. Some of the stuff I see him do on the secret eagles practice tape we no further questions. I just wanna have a good practice today.."
  3. All you folks in S. Philly...keep your eyes peeled for people sneaking around the Nova Care complex with camcorders, eating beans and using "wicked" as an adverb. I want Philly to go into this superbowl w/o the patriots having their playbook on tape. Helluva matchup. Genius head coach and stud QB on one side; cheating stinkin' patriots on the other. Go Birds. 30-21 eagles win.
  4. Anybody, eh? Do you deliver as far as Maryland?
  5. I'm starting to think about a trip to London next year to see the Eagles/Jags game at Wembley. A superbowl rematch across the pond would be a helluva good time.
  6. If the eagles lose, go Saints. When the eagles win, go Vikings.
  7. We've been making pizza once a week for several years, so we've tried everything. Sauerkraut plus (ham or canadian bacon or pork roll) is one of my favorites. You have to really squeeze the liquid out of the kraut so you don't get the crust too wet, and use sparingly, but it ends up being a pretty good pie.
  8. Wisniewski will be back to shore up the o-line. The defensive front seven should be well-rested. Crowd will be loud. The Eagles got this.
  9. I guess I'm not sure the proper way to get outraged in a manly manner, when strangers position their bodies in unappealing ways during songs. Suppose somebody is taking a sh*t in the bathroom while the rest of the party is singing auld lang syne? Who do I punch? Or does that mean I should never go back to that house? Sorry for all the questions; knowing when to get all worked up in a manly huff is confusing.
  10. You forgot option c: All of the people who don't consider the kneeling to be spitting in anyone's face. Sticks and stones....
  11. Yup, that was a cold one. We hit the spirit bar behind 106/107 for a pregame cocktail; something was up with their ice, and the metal liquors pourers were frozen and not working, so the girls were just dumping liquor into iceless cups and topping it off w/ mixer. Each gin and tonic was the equivalent of four. 4th quarter got a bit hazy.
  12. Nick Foles averages 7 TDs against Oakland. Sample size be damned.
  13. Mix caramelized shallots, bourbon, s/p and a drop of vanilla extract into softened butter, then put back in fridge. Put a pad on each steak while it rests.
  14. Ugh. I was rewatching Sunday's game, and it's painful to watch Wentz playing so well, knowing that he's done. In hindsight, it was pretty obvious he was hurt during those 3 plays after the injury. You could read it on his face that something was wrong, and he was treating that leg very gingerly w/o trying to let it show. Tough dude. Getting that W was huge, cause it made home field a very attainable goal, and with home field you have to give them a puncher's chance. Outside of the boring blow-outs, the crowds at the Linc have been loud and energized all year. It'll be a tough place for road teams to play this January. Even if the odds are nuts would it be if Nick friggin' Foles came back from his banishment and brought this city it's first Lombardi. Don't think anybody could claim they saw that coming.
  15. Mirrolure 17MR in 808 color. Starting fishing those living in NC. Slayed puppy drum, flounder and specks with 'em. Now I use them in the lower Susky, and slay smallmouth, small striper and catfish with it. They cast a mile, stay out of snags, and catch everything.
  16. If Doug throws the red flag on that obvious forward lateral (or the idiot refs get it right on the field) I think Philly wins last night. The offense had gained momentum, and they'd have gotten the ball back w/ enough time to run their normal balanced offense. Instead Seattle goes up 14 while the D and half of Philly is shell-shocked, and that was all she wrote. Dougie P choked last night...but better now than in January. I think, unlike his mentor Reid, Pederson has shown a bit that he can adjust/learn from prior errors, so I think they'll return to aggressive play-calling in LA Silver lining was Wentz going god-mode on that lone TD drive. He was toast on that 3rd down play...until he wasn't and Ags has the ball 45 yards down field. What can you say but "wow". And his best football is ahead of him.
  17. I'd rather see the whole offense or defense celebrate together, than the Cam Newton's of the world do their one-man strutting for the camera while the O-Linemen are standing behind them like "hey...don't I even get a high-five?" Plus, watching the other team celebrate infuriates me, which makes it all that much sweeter when my team beats them. Or, I assume it would. Nobody has any reason to celebrate against Philly this year, so I don't really know for sure.
  18. I saw Eli's first snaps as a professional in the 3-TD Terrell Owens debut game at the Linc back in '04, where he got lit up by Sheldon Brown and I wasn't sure if he'd ever get back up. Turns out he did, for 210 straight games. I can't stand the giants and loved raggin' on his pouty faces over the years, but this seems like BS to me. That consecutive start streak coming to an end because Ben friggin' McAdoo is benching him for Geno friggin' Smith. Disgraceful.
  19. And you would break like a wave on the granite sea cliff that is Wentz.
  20. Ahhh, I love a good Dallas beat down. Philly was winning some gritty, hard fought games early. But the past 6 they've just imposed their will and stomped everyone. Juggernaut.
  21. I like Sailor Jerry better than Captain Morgan, but it's not necessarily "refined". Rhum Barbancourt 5-star out of Haiti is really good. I don't think it's technically "spiced", but the aging process gives it good depth of flavor and color. Or you could always go with the Captain Morgan private stock. But if he's drinking it with diet coke, I'd wager anything will do.
  22. Most likely a depth move, but possibly a role player. But, veteran guy with a ring. Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, now Ellerbe....all guys who've been on rosters that hoisted the Lombardi. Can't hurt, right? Gotta keep those whipper-snappers like Wentz and Ajayi focused.
  23. Barkeeper's Friend (which is just oxalic acid as well) works great and is $2.
  24. Has anyone on here done their own floor replacement? My fuel tank is pitted and needs to get changed, plus I have a soft spot (new in the past 3 years), so I'm considering just going for the gusto. The soft spot came from a crack/delamination on the existing floor, which I patched with MarineRx after I discovered it. But this occurred while it was on a lift and exposed to the elements for a few months, so I guess the damage was already done. It's grown from a little spot to 18" diameter or so. That said, everything was solid beforehand so I've got a pipedream that maybe the stringers will be okay. I met a guy who built these boats a few years ago (it's a Downeaster, built in NC) and he said all the stringers/bulkhead wood was completely coated in epoxy during construction). I'm confident in the condition of the transom because I installed a swim platform recently and all the wood filings when I was drilling came out clean/dry. I'll be able to get it in my garage w/ the console off. I've got plenty of tools and know how to use them, but have never done fiberglass work before. Anybody done their own, and wish they'd just paid someone afterwards? I think it'll cost more to have a shop do it than what I paid for the boat, so I'm leaning towards tackling it as a winter project. I aware of the safety concerns with fiberglass, and a respirator and coveralls would be the first purchase. I'm not gunning for a "looks like new" restore like the guys on the mako or aquasport forums... just something safe and functional that will last another 20 years for me or the next owner.